Some Good News!

sellssept 001I have been ranting a LOT on here lately, and I apologize, but I am going through a sick of being sick stage here.

The Neurologist went WAY better than I was hoping!  He still believes that my POTS is in remission, and I don’t have as much blood pooling into my legs as I usually do!  He does believe I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and it’s my adrenalin levels being so high, that make me not sleep as much as other people with it do.  I personally feel that anyone with a chronic illness has Chronic Fatigue usually.  You’re sick… your body needs to rest and heal.

necklaces 001I also found out… and I am going to type this wrong… what kind of POTS I have.  I’d asked Cardiologists in the past, and they always looked at me like they had no idea what I was talking about, so I never bothered to ask the Neurologist.  He came out with it talking to his interns.  I have Hyperadrenic POTS.  Which explains the crazy high adrenalin levels all the time.

sellssept 005He does believe something else is going on.  Maybe with a vitamin deficiency or maybe hormones, etc.  so he got me to go for a whack load of blood work, which I did on Monday, so now I just have to wait and see if anything shows in the tests.

sellssept 011Last Friday I went to the G I with my grandma.  Good news there too!  When I was going through a relapse, my inflammation levels in my blood work were an 11, now they are down to a 2!  Wahoo!  I am still showing a lot of relapse signs, even though I don’t feel like I am getting worst.  He showed us a picture of the human anatomy, and where my Crohn’s is located.  Just above the large intestine, at the beginning of the smaller.  That is where Sodium is absorbed.  If I have a lot of scar tissue from being sick, then my body will not absorb the Sodium my body needs.  (Wondering if this may be part of my POTS problems since I am always so damn dehydrated no matter what I drink)  So if you don’t absorb this, and sodium enters the larger bowel, it will just flush it right out of you…. hence the Crohn’s relapse like symptoms.  So I may have to go in for another scope (NOT good news lol) just to see what kind of damage has been done since this last relapse.  Still only have to take Humira once every other week though, so yay!

Even with all this amazingly good news, I have been feeling rougher than usual lately weirdly enough.  I’ve been shaking so badly, like I used to when my POTS was at its worst.  I find it hard to sit up, let alone get anything done around here.  The place is a mess!  I am hoping to go grocery shopping tomorrow with Holly in the morning!  Maybe get some good fruits and veggies to load myself back up 🙂

Talk soon!



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