Putting it Off

oct2014 002I kept putting off writing bc I wasn’t in the mood to write about how my latest doctor appointments went… finally came on here today to do it, and realized I already had! lol.

There has been no phone calls from the Neuro about my blood work.  I wished something would show sadly, so we could finally start working on something to get me better, but I figure after this amount of time, they would have called if there was something.  So yet again, I stay sick.

oct2014 003Tomorrow I am wanting to go to the flu shot clinic at my doctors, but I know there is a protocol with putting live virus’ in you when on Humira, so I called the GI last week.  Hoping to hear back by today, or else I don’t  know if I should bother going or not!  I have been almost two weeks without a shot, but will be due for my next one, the day after I get the flu shot… so I don’t know if I’m to take it or what.

oct2014 014Dad didn’t have Thanksgiving this year.  He had his knee replaced Tues.  last week, so it would have been too hard on them to do it.  I went to Amanda and Carrie’s on Sunday for dinner which was nice and yummy, and had a Newphie dinner last night at grandma’s.  Plus she made me butter tarts as a surprise! MMmmMMM!

oct2014 013Today,  I have someone coming to look at my futon to see about buying it.  It’s in perfect condition, so I hope they show and get it!  Tomorrow I have Lilliane coming, a girl to buy Nick’s old Thomas toys, plus my new bed is arriving at some point, so if I can get it out of here, that would be great!  If not, I hope the Brick takes my old mattress.  I am hoping Saturday to get my new bed frame 🙂

oct2014 028My allergies have been awful!  I take Reactine extra strength,  I have two really good air purifiers, plus mattress and pillow covers for my bedding, but I am ALWAYS plugged up and sneezing a lot lately.  Those things barely let me get by without needing steroid cream for the hives and eye drops, etc.  So I think I will talk to my pharmacist about a possible other allergy medicine to try.  It’s getting to the point where I probably wouldn’t know if I caught a cold or not lol.

Will write more soon!


PS  Got to FINALLY go to one of my best friend’s art shows!  We picked up Nick after at his grandparent’s Alpaca farm (I used their beautiful, soft wool to knit my blanket that’s on the back of my couch)  They were so friendly, hence the Alpaca photos lol.