This whole decorating for Christmas thing is slowly but surely coming along.  Step… by bloody slow step!

For some crazy idea when I bought new lights for the tree this year, I thought I’d get them with white wiring… now why the H E double hockey sticks would I do that when I have a dark green tree???  It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would, but it’s still no where near that great looking either.  *Forehead smack*

nov21 009I hadn’t realized until I came on here, that it’s been since Halloween since I wrote!

I am trying to get sooo much stuff done, and I feel like none of it is actually getting done!  The sad part is, this would be nothing for a healthy person to do all in a weekend, and I’m just wanting to get it done by Christmas lol.

I still have so much more shopping to do, and not enough money to do it with.  My grandma has been the hardest to find a present for.  She doesn’t need anything, and she doesn’t want so much excess crap (which is smart)  but it makes her hard to buy for.  Plus, she’s that stereotype grandma who loves to spoil you with love, and do whatever she can for you, so she’s someone I want to get a really nice present for.  Something practical,  but yet also shows how much I appreciate her!

nov21 023My 32nd birthday is coming up in a little over a week.  Yet again I hate celebrating this day.  I say this every year, but other people’s birthday… love to spoil them.  My own… I hate doing anything for.  I’m not a kid.  Presents aren’t exciting or necessary.  I  will go up to my mom’s and have my Newfie dinner, and instead of some fancy cake, I just like my grams home made wackie cake she makes.  Simple, relaxing, family, and food.  That’s all I want.

nov21 015Yesterday Grams, mom, Steffi and I went out to the mall to go Christmas shopping.  I got Meghan her gift, and my aunt Kelly her stocking gift, and Jase my oldest great nephew’s Christmas gift.  Well part of anyway.  I get paid on Friday and then I get my boots I ordered for my birthday, and can finish up picking up the gifts I ordered and hopefully have enough left over, to get the rest of them.

After that, I have my family doctor’s appointment.  She asked me to bring in photos of Zeus and the girls.  So I ordered the prints from Walmart which I can pick up any time before I see her.  Then I have to get my teeth cleaned, and go to the GI.

nov21 017I feel like I will have a lot to do the next week, where I wish I could get some of it done this week.  The Pauls family dinner is at my dad and Lois’ this year, so I have to go get sweet pickles to bring lol.  Then my birthday, then another Christmas party the next weekend.  Soon after that, it will be Nick’s 9th birthday, and then Christmas Eve dinner at my dad’s!  It’s all happening in one jumbled mess around me needing to get gifts and get to my doctor’s appointments too.  Plus I am trying to get this place in semi normal order and decorate for Christmas.  Can I run away now?

Will write soon….ish.




octcage 001Finally got in to see my family doctor. My GI never called me back about the flu shot, so one nice thing about Facebook is all the groups. Went on the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada group, and asked what everyone else did about their flu shots and Humira timing. No one was told to do anything different. I was due for my Humira last Thursday, but went in Friday for my flu shot, so I am holding my Humira off until this Thursday instead. I have literally not even had a sore arm, and am so glad I have the flu shot in me. For me personally, it makes all the difference in the Winter months!

100_0015I also talked to her about my allergies being so bad. She said I could take two extra strength Reactine, but I can’t afford that! As it is, it’s about $30 a month not including my vitamins, etc. I have to take too from being low on them, so I just can’t afford it. She gave me a prescription for a nasal allergy spray to take as well, that’s covered thankfully. Since the worse of my allergies are in my sinus’ and eyes. Hopefully that will help! So far no difference.

I got a beautiful new bed frame off Kijiji! I love it! Sooo pretty!

henry2014 014My aunt Kelly is down visiting. She went out with the boys trick or treating on Friday night and I totally boycotted Halloween. I thought it must have been my depression bc I usually have decorations up at the beginning of October, and I never did put any up weirdly enough, but I think it’s just bc of all the horrible stuff on the news lately, and the weather being so off, I just didn’t feel like it even was Halloween. I’m also still excited for Christmas, etc. so I think it’s just one of those off years for people, bc a LOT of people didn’t seem into it.

henry2014 024I told my mom I wasn’t in it, so she said to hide at her place and just hang out. So I got my garbage out in the morning, and then went grocery shopping with Holly. I got picked up by Grams and aunt Kelly and went to the doctors, and got a ride back to mom’s after to get my laundry done. After dinner mom and I went to the pet store for me to get the guinea pigs their food, etc. and stopped at Walmart for the rest of the groceries. I was POOPED by the time I got home!

bed 001Yesterday mom and I went and got Grams a microwave stand used for her, and snuck it up as a surprise at her apartment. I fixed her computer while we visited for a bit, then I came home. We are having a big turkey dinner tonight with aunt Kelly, since she wasn’t down at Thanksgiving and she is going home to Toronto tomorrow 😦 BOO!

oct25 038Now I am reading “Gone Girl.” I want to see the movie eventually, so figured I had better read the book first. I’ve been so exhausted I just start to fall asleep when I read, but so far I am enjoying it. The atmosphere I feel when I see a commercial for the movie, is the same feeling I get reading the book. Next I am going to read “Gone.” That the movie with Amanda Siegfried (sp?), is based on.

oct25 017>Mom has the dog cage I usually plop the girls into while I am doing their cage… so I have nothing to put them in lol. I have a fairly big enough box that I can through so bedding into for now just while I clean their cage up, I’m just afraid they’ll get out of it! lol.

Will write again soon!

PS I got the dog sit a wonderful sweety for the afternoon last weekend! I was so glad I was well enough to do it 🙂