100_0024I’m sorry for the last post, but I was having a sick of being sick day!  I hate crabbing about my illnesses, because I see people around me all of the time who are doing way worse, but sometimes you just need to grieve it out!

100_0017My birthday by the way went very well.  Amanda gave me a beautiful painting my uncle Casey had bought my grandparents.  Not only is it my style of art, that I love, but the fact that he is now gone, makes it even more special to me.  I couldn’t believe she gave it to me.  It means everything.

100_0008We had our big Pauls Family Christmas party the weekend before.  It was nice to get to see that side of the family, since that’s usually the only time I do!  I got to meet my second great nephew Carter for the first time and maul him to death.  He is beautiful and perfect just like Jase.

100_0003This past weekend, we had another dinner at my mom’s place… the one I was freaking out about.  I got my cookies done the next day, and literally slept the rest of it.  My mom made the potatoes for me, and the day of the party, I just made the mac and cheese recipe my step mom makes.

Okay my Grams is here, so I need to bounce.  Will add photos later.


Sorry, my Grams came to visit on a whim, and had the phone company out.

The party this past weekend, ended up great!  The only bad part, was my great nephew Jase was sick, so him and Jess could’t come out, and my sister in law, Stacey was working.  Otherwise, it was great to see everyone!

Will write after Christmas!  Take care!



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