January 2015

jan2015 006My family doctor has been doing blood work tests on me, and so far nothing is showing.  My weight keeps going up and down within a 20 lbs range.  I’m getting frustrated and worried the doctors will just give up.  My knee is still messed up!  Not as horrible as it is at first, but it’s NOT getting better, and I can barely walk let alone do exercising!

jan2015 012My John Constantine doll came in to the comic book shop here!  I LOVE it!  He is also going to order me the next graphic novel I need.  I have a list of them all published, and am going through in order of the ones I have, and trying to get the few I’m missing.

jan2015 010I’m done Gone, by James Patterson.  About a man who is in protective custody with his children bc a scary murderer he put away is on the loose.  Well of course the police are no good, so they bring him back to catch the guy while his kids, etc. stay in hiding.  I liked it!

Now I’m reading Gone Girl again.  I really want to see the movie finally, but I want to finally get this book finished up.  it’s hard to know where you’re at in a book on a Kobo, bc it only shows the number of pages in the chapter you are reading, but I’ve got to be around 100 pages in, and it feels like it needs to pick up a bit.

jan2015 009I’ve started trimming the pet’s nails, instead of having my PSW do it, bc it’s important to me that I do it.  I thought Roxy would be the easiest, but she’s been biting and everything else.  Stella, who I thought would be the worst, was the best out of the guinea pigs, and miss Reese babe was good for the most part, but gave me a few warning bites once she had, had enough, but didn’t actually hurt me.

jan2015 004Got my dental work done finally.  It was very painful, and hard on my POTS (adrenalin in freezing).  The other version without the adrenalin was terrible for actually freezing and hurt SO much more.  Just glad it’s over with!

I don’t have any doctor appointments again until the Spring when I go to the G I.

BeFunky_null_14.jpgNicole and Adam came up with their new pup Lilly, whom I adore.  She had made on Vista Print, a beautiful calendar for me, with photos of all my furry babies and family too.  It turned out PERFECT.  I love it!  They came over today too and we got pizza and just relaxed after they had gone on a hike with Lilly near by.

Finally got dad and Lois out for lunch/dinner too.  Dad got seconds, and Lois had me email her the recipe (rolled spinach lasagna) so I’d say it turned out well!  Lol.  I love cooking for people when I’m well enough to!

Talk Soon…ish!


PS  Made the decision to finally get rid of the fish tank.  Going to keep my small Beta one, but the big one is just too much work.  Got great homes for them all, and the angel is going to my mom 🙂


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