Brain = Fog

plAYMAT 017Just got off the phone with one my grandma’s friends from her apartment building.  I had to help her with a computer question.  Thankfully it was an easy one bc I am better at seeing what I’m doing, then relying on someone who has no idea what’s going on trying to explain it to me.  Now my brain feels dead.

Saw painting done by my dad.

Saw painting done by my dad.

Got lost, but eventually got out to the Fixed Fur Life volunteer Gail, who gets donations, and sells them super cheap, and all of the money goes to Fixed Fur Life.  I got a box full of beautiful clothes for $8, but unfortunately the sizes were all over the map, so only about half I can wear lol.  Oh well, still worth it!

So I got my glucose test done, and already got a call from my family doctor asking to see me.  No rush to get me in right away, but something did show, so I am going back in at the beginning of April.

mar17 007I also went to the sleep clinic.  The first time my family doctor wanted me to go, I just got called in and went and spent the night.  This time, they did a consult with me first with one of the doctors there, and then I got my appointment date to spend the night.  That isn’t booked for May, but they usually call you in when they get an opening and you get in more quickly.

I am on the hunt for a stacking, washer/dryer set.  Looking in stores, the prices are atrocious!  I am getting funding for it though, but I pay it back as I can, so I would like to go used, but it’s hard to get the price, then apply for funding for it, then get it in time before it is sold.

bottles 002Hailey the student and I, went to one of the high rises here and checked out the apartments.  They are beautiful, and have hard wood floors which is a must with my allergies, and a nice view, and come with air conditioners to boot, but I want to be somewhere settled that I can some day have a dog there, and being up in a high rise, will make it harder than it is here for me to get a dog out first thing in the morning.  I would ideally like a place I can just walk out the door and there be a small yard or grassy area.  So undecided about the whole living situation.

I am slowly getting through my old junk again to attempt to sell, then donate what doesn’t to the Diabetes Assoc. like I do.  I would like to find some sort of shelf that I can use to show off my nesting doll sets, but be a skinny shelf… hard to explain.  Again looking for a coffee table too.  I got a nice one, but it looked so old and crappy with my furniture, so I resold it and am now using my laptop table as my coffee table until I find the right one lol.  I am trying to downsize at the same time though bc I have SO much stuff!  I want to go through my closet and craft room, and pack things more efficiently and get rid of the crap I don’t use.

Wish I had the energy to match all of the stuff I want to do lol.

Take Care!


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