New and New

easter12015 015A lot has happened since I last wrote.  I apologize ahead of time if this post makes no sense because I am running on very little sleep!

easter12015 011This past weekend was Easter.  I went to dad and Lois’ for dinner Saturday.  The only people missing were Amanda and my oldest nephew Travis.  I got to spend lots of time with my great nephews, and catch up with my family.  It was fun to run around and help them get Easter eggs too.

easter12015 009Nice side note… later in the day, I found an egg the kids had missed, but I was alone, so I just threw it in my pocket to give to one of them after and totally forgot.  Getting home yesterday, I reached into my pocket to get my keys and they, my gloves and lighter, were smeared in melted chocolate lol.

easter12015 001Sunday, we had dinner at mom and Amanda’s.  It was soo good!  I got to help mom with some of the prep work for the veggies, then had a nap with Amanda in the living room lol.

Tuesday I went to my family doctors.  I do have pre diabetes and have blood work I have to get done on a regular basis for her too.  All good stuff that can be affected by my crohn’s med.s, or pots too, so it’s good to check it out often I suppose.

nicolelily 020I brought up the fact that my vision has been off, and how and where my feet have been hurting, and she’s testing me for Lupus now.  There is a 2% chance of getting it from being on Humira, my Crohn’s Disease medication that I take by pen needle every other week.  My sister sadly was part of that rare 2%.  The fact that she had gotten it, did not raise my chances of getting it, but now my doctor is worried that I am too.  Grrrr.

nicolelily 008I got a call in from the sleep clinic to come in last night.   Hence the little to no sleep.  (To see how a sleep study is done, look for the link I have on it)  I don’t tend to snore now, but I just stop breathing altogether, so I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.  Sickening.  Got home this morning, and washed the gook out of my hair, and Lilliane came by early for me.

nicolelily 003I got a nice shelf, like one my mom used to have, and set up my Matryoshka dolls on it.  I also got my quit smoking aid in the mail this morning.  Starting my quit smoking week tonight!  Wish me luck!


PS  I also had a nice visit with Nicole and Adam and Lily.  My God my little puppy is growing into such a gorgeous dog!  Love her!!!


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