So Since Last Time…

april11 002Since last time, I called Medigas, and got set up with a CPAP machine.  I feel like I have a giant elephant nose, and I find it weird trying to cough with all the pressure that gets in you.  So last night, I just sat there with my mouth open (I know but sometimes I need amusing here lol) and it was the weirdest cccccaaaaaa noise that came out LOL.  I have noticed more energy I guess during the day, and I haven’t felt the need to nap as much.  Weirdly enough, my restless legs haven’t been as bad either.  Zeus has also decided I am not a monster, and will actually get in bed with me, but won’t go near my face yet lol.

I got a call from the sleep clinic today, and I go in Monday morning to see the doctor about my results.

april11 003Friday, I get the blood work done to find out if I have drug induced Lupus from the Humira.  Lately, it seems as though a lot of people I know with Fibro are being affected by it, so who’s to say it’s not just that?  I can’t stand the pain in my back and feet though!  Annoying!

Then later in the month, I go to the dentist for a cleaning… not looking forward to it bc I am positive my bottom, back left tooth is broke, and I hate freezing and I just don’t want the stress and anxiety I get from going there.  Just NOT in the right head space to deal with it, but I will.

april11 004I also have to go to the dietitian I think on the 27th.  I’ve been eating well since I got the pre diabetes diagnosis.  I need to go grocery shopping though, to get more veggies and meat.  It’s fine with me so far, but today I didn’t eat lunch, and by 4pm I was shaking so bad I had to have a bowl of cereal while I waited for my dinner to cook.    Any other potsy’s have this?  Know of a good recipe site for it, or a book, etc.?

I also have the GI at the end of the month.  It’ll be determined if he wants to do another scope to see if I may need surgery.  Hopefully by then, I’ll know if what the Lupus results are, bc he’d be the one to decide what to do next.

Will update when I know more!



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