Mother’s Day Weekend / Week

may12 007Mom had us up on Sunday bc she was having cold salads, etc. with Grams for Mother’s Day.  My damn gift that was supposed to be in Thursday, didn’t come in until Monday!  Mom made Grams a beautiful scrap book full of photos for her, which of course had Grams tearing up.  Meghan was down visiting too which made it even better, since we look at her as family, and we got to see her son Liam for a bit (who’s Nick’s age..9).  It was nice to see everyone 🙂

I had Grams and Mom over for Mother’s Day brunch on Tuesday so I could give mom her gift.  I got her a book of letter that celebrities wrote to their moms, whether still alive or passed away.  It’s called, “Letter to My Mom.”  So I wrote my own letter to mom, and put it in the inside cover.

I made this recipe I found online that had raving reviews.  Had mushroom soup, eggs, bacon, and cheese… and omg it was disgusting!  They say it was good, but it was honestly gross and such a waste of food lol.  I like cooking though, it’s fun.  Later that night I used my slow cooker for the first time… I’ve had this thing for about 4 years now lol.  Now my kitchen is overflowing with dishes!

may12 010So the woman whom Lilliane works with came for my yearly meet.  We just go over my paper work for them, and how my health is holding up.  She’s really nice, but I was having such a rough morning, that I had NOTHING done before she came, and my apartment was totally wrote off.  Didn’t help that Zeus screamed half the time she was there lol.  Thankfully Lilliane came later and helped my clean up a lot.

Next Wednesday, I go to the G I finally.  See how I am doing Crohn’s wise, and deciding whether I should get another scope, and check out the scar tissue for possible surgery.  This new diet is helping it huge though, so I doubt he will do the scope.

Trying to finally finish Gone Girl… I seriously feel like I’ve written this a few times before, but I am half way through it, so I’d like to finish it, but my God it’s just so dragging!

Will write more after my appointment.



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