Crohn’s Rearing

may182015 020Well I had my G I appointment yesterday.  Good news, is he doesn’t believe the foot pain is from my Humira!  We’ll keep an eye on it with blood work, but apparently low B12 will do the same thing, and cause really bad nerve pain, etc.  So he’s keeping an eye on that too since he hasn’t been, and where it is absorbed is where my scar tissue is, so I will double what I am taking now in vitamins and see what happens.

Bad news is… he wants to do a scope. I FREAKIN HATE SCOPES!  They never get easier, and I will have to totally abolish my diet plan bc I cannot eat half the stuff I’m supposed to, for a week or two before the scope.  I have to get it done on June 15th.  At least with him, I get put to sleep, but the prep and not eating SUCKS!  So until then, expect me to act like a big baby… just a warning lol.

may182015 017My CPAP machine isn’t working properly, so I was going to call Medigas, who I got it through about it, but decided to check the paper work they gave me, and am giving it a good thorough cleaning and changing of all of the filters, etc. and see if that works first.

I have a bunch of cleaning I want to do animal wise, but I am hoping to at least get the girl’s cages cleaned, and get Roxy’s nails trimmed.

I know I have comments, etc. to get back to on here, but I am exhaustapooted so I am going to leave it for the day if you guys don’t mind.  I just don’t have it in me.

may182015 003I did get earlier in the week, my garden beds finally weeded.  I had old plants from last year that needed to be cut back, and so much grass, etc. to rip out, but it’s been colder lately, which I love, so I will hopefully be well enough to do the transplanting of my few plants under the stairs, over to the other garden beds this weekend.  My landlord was talking of paving it over, and I do not want them wrecked with the amount of money they’re worth.  He did finally get the grass mowed today, so I’ll be a little less scared of ticks.  (they’re really bad this year)

Okay, going to head out and have a nap.  I’m sure it’s not having the CPAP machine going for a few days that’s exhausting me, but I just can’t stay awake!

Talk soon!



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