Happy Canada Day!

june15 009I haven’t written in so long, because I just haven’t had the heart to post anything.  I get feeling down, and feel like I’ve shared my feelings enough and just can’t do it for the next while.  So I am back and posting again!  Listening to my guinea pigs tell me it’s time for fresh veggies… so I had better get on this, so I can get onto that!

I am back to knitting again!  Starting a multi colored blanket for my bedroom, and finishing off the wolf scarf I started waaay too long ago for my friend Nicole.  Excited about getting into it!

juneyard 005I am finally done reading Gone Girl.  Thank God!  It took forever, and the one time I will say this is now… just go watch the damn movie lol.  I am now reading Watership Down.  Interesting so far…

My peanut butter squares I made.  On suggestion, I think they need choc. chips added.

My peanut butter squares I made. On suggestion, I think they need choc. chips added.

I got to have a girl’s day with my friend Lana and we watched half of the last season of the Walking Dead.  REALLY good so far!  So now we gotta meet up soon again and watch the rest.  Got to meet the other pup of the house, and we even picked up a wonderful German Shepard on the way who was wandering lost.  Got her home fairly soon though!

10641302_10154224738729815_3490434327642119689_nI got my scope done and omg the prep made me so sick this time!  The test turned out fine.  Better than he figured, so I don’t have to go back to the GI until December I think.  Humira is working good in me as well 🙂  Always good to know!

Mom and Gram’s birthdays are coming up this month too.  I can order mom’s online, but I’m hoping I get to get out with Holly this Friday and pick up grandma’s and some gift bags.

Majority, but not all of my medication for a week.  The joys of being chronically ill.

Majority, but not all of my medication for a week. The joys of being chronically ill.

I was also able to meet up with dad before Father’s Day for lunch and then again on Father’s Day to come over for a coffee.

I’m getting screamed at, so I’m going to jet.  Nothing exciting happening here tomorrow.  Going to chill at home for a change.



Busy Busy

nicoleadam 047I’ve been keeping myself crazy busy, and now I feel like I am due for a crash day.  I don’t really get one until Tuesday though.  This week my PSW came today instead, and I got all the animals cleaned up (their cages/litter), vacuumed, got the garbages and recycling ready for tomorrow morning, and went out with my Peer Worker to get some groceries earlier.

nicoleadam 034I feel like by the time I start to get close to getting everything done… everything else comes back around to being needed done again.  Make sense?  I’m so tired!

I got to go visit my friend last week and see and play with all the foster kittens, and her pets.  Even had a quick nap with the dog too!  I’m heading out to see her tomorrow again when my mom and grams goes out there, and my dad is going to meet me there, so I can give him his Father’s Day gift.  Will show in my next post what I got him.

nicoleadam 022On Saturday, I am meeting a 6 year old pug, Ozzy.  I am actually very excited to meet this one.  He has been in perfect health, due to proper breeding, and the owner can no longer give him the attention and exercise he needs, so she is adopting him out depending on if she finds the perfect home for him.  I hope he and Zeus get along well.

nicoleadam 018Then Sunday, I have to take the prep for my scope on Monday morning.  I’m not nervous about the scope this time bc I get put out, but I detest the thoughts of not eating for an entire day, but JELLO, and drinking that God awful prep!  It seriously never gets easier lol.

june15 002The dietitian appointment went well!  She is really happy with my progress.

I know I owe a lot of approvals and replies on here, as well as an important email reply!  I am taking a break from all that until this weekend is over.  Hoping to write soon!

june15 004I did hear back from my family doctor about my blood work, and apparently my calcium is low!  I have never been the type to have a lot of calcium in my diet, and I’ve never had a problem.  What’s strange though, is I have added more lately bc of my new diet, so I wasn’t expecting that.  Oh well!!!

june15 019I was also able to get out to Strut for Strays!  We only stayed for about an hour, but it was a great day for it, and fun to watch the activities and see all the pups!  We brought Niles with us!!!  (My mom’s little dog)

Talk soon!


Prep Week

ipods 004This week is going to be a good one.  I know everyone is hating this rainy, cold mess we’re having, but I love it!  The cold kills my Fibromyalgia, but helps my POTS so much!!!  I go from having no energy, to actually being able to get things done!

This week, I have Lilliane and the housing department coming on Wednesday, then Thursday morning, I go and get blood work done for my G I and my family doctor, and then I am possibly going out to see my friend Nicole for the day!  So excited!  She works with a feral kitten rescue, and has some at her place right now, so I need to come out and see them!!!

Friday morning, I have the dietitian, which I was a little worried with having no food to eat the last week before I got paid, but I am now down from 12 lbs!!!  That is awesome!  Her scale says I was a lot less to begin with, but I am going by my scale so I can figure more accurately how much I have lost.

Mom, grams, Nick and I went to the farmers market this past weekend.  Mind you, a lot of fruits and veggies weren’t out yet, and it was so hot I felt disgusting being out in public, but it was worth going!  I just love the atmosphere there!  Will have to go again soon.

Since my dad literally has anything he wants… it does NOT make it easy to buy for the man!  Usually for Father’s Day, I get him a couple of perennials since him and my step mom Lois, are forever working on a new garden bed, but I wanted to switch it up a bit this year.  So I am going to get him one plant that’s really nice and bigger than usual, but this year, I want to do something else for him.  Not going to post on here about it until after the fact, but it’ll be a fun, usable gift for him.

My nausea has been TERRIBLE lately.  I go through waves of it.  One of the worst symptoms I swear.  I know I haven’t caught anything, bc eating makes me feel better, not worse, but it makes it so hard to do things that take longer to do, like grocery shopping.  I tried on Saturday, after the farmers market, but just couldn’t do it, so I had mom’s help yesterday.  I would go around getting the particular brands I wanted, and would get mom to get the more generic stuff for me, so it made it go a little quicker.  I don’t like anyone else getting them for me for two reasons.  1.  No on knows what brands, what you’re willing to spend, etc. better than yourself, so it actually gets done properly when you just do it yourself.  And 2.  If I stop getting my own groceries, it will get to the point where I won’t be well enough to, and I will NOT let that happen.  May take me a few days longer, but either way I am the one doing it!

Okay… woke up at 5:30am for some god awful reason, so going to nap until my alarm goes off at 9 and then get some stuff done!

Talk soon!