Busy Busy

nicoleadam 047I’ve been keeping myself crazy busy, and now I feel like I am due for a crash day.  I don’t really get one until Tuesday though.  This week my PSW came today instead, and I got all the animals cleaned up (their cages/litter), vacuumed, got the garbages and recycling ready for tomorrow morning, and went out with my Peer Worker to get some groceries earlier.

nicoleadam 034I feel like by the time I start to get close to getting everything done… everything else comes back around to being needed done again.  Make sense?  I’m so tired!

I got to go visit my friend last week and see and play with all the foster kittens, and her pets.  Even had a quick nap with the dog too!  I’m heading out to see her tomorrow again when my mom and grams goes out there, and my dad is going to meet me there, so I can give him his Father’s Day gift.  Will show in my next post what I got him.

nicoleadam 022On Saturday, I am meeting a 6 year old pug, Ozzy.  I am actually very excited to meet this one.  He has been in perfect health, due to proper breeding, and the owner can no longer give him the attention and exercise he needs, so she is adopting him out depending on if she finds the perfect home for him.  I hope he and Zeus get along well.

nicoleadam 018Then Sunday, I have to take the prep for my scope on Monday morning.  I’m not nervous about the scope this time bc I get put out, but I detest the thoughts of not eating for an entire day, but JELLO, and drinking that God awful prep!  It seriously never gets easier lol.

june15 002The dietitian appointment went well!  She is really happy with my progress.

I know I owe a lot of approvals and replies on here, as well as an important email reply!  I am taking a break from all that until this weekend is over.  Hoping to write soon!

june15 004I did hear back from my family doctor about my blood work, and apparently my calcium is low!  I have never been the type to have a lot of calcium in my diet, and I’ve never had a problem.  What’s strange though, is I have added more lately bc of my new diet, so I wasn’t expecting that.  Oh well!!!

june15 019I was also able to get out to Strut for Strays!  We only stayed for about an hour, but it was a great day for it, and fun to watch the activities and see all the pups!  We brought Niles with us!!!  (My mom’s little dog)

Talk soon!



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