July Busies

july 007I am feeling so much more accomplished this month.  Still no where near where other people are, but I am getting lots done for me!

Adam and Nicole brought me this wikid apartment sized freezer.  I got my spare room light switched.. which is more difficult than people realize when being potsy, bc all the blood drains to your feet making you crazy dizzy… and I’m doing this, while standing on a stool.  So I got it done, and got the room moved around, and was able to easily push the freezer into the room to set it up.  So now I just have to get cooking!

july 003I got my air conditioner set up too, and in perfect timing!  It’s been so damn hot out!  I love having it!

I was also able to order Nick’s birthday present… yes I’m starting early on the gifts again lol.  The joys of being on a budget!  And I’m SO excited to get it in the mail!  He’s going to LOVE it!  Speaking of gifts, Grams loved her gift.  Nick, Liam, mom and I went to her place for cake and pictures.  Zeus had over taken her gift (a table top ironing board) and had been sleeping on it up until when I had to take it to her lol.  Mom and I made sure to get pictures of it for her to see.

july 004I saw my counselor Susan yesterday too.  She’s trying to get a little stay kitten caught outside her condo area, to get helped, but it’s feral so it’s been a task.  So nice to finally see her!  Wish I could more often…

Nicole and Adam and I went costume/dress shopping.  Nicole’s art show “Fantasy in the Forest” is coming up, and she wanted to dress up for it, so they came up here to find a cool outfit for her.  It was fun, and probably the only time I’ll see her dress shopping, unless she chooses to get married, so I had to go!  hehe.

july 017My dearest Lily (Nicole and Adam’s pup) came up the day they brought the freezer.  She was especially kissy that day, and when we got her on the couch right before they left to get photos, Lily decided to give me a smooch.  It made me laugh, which got her hyper, and she jumped in for another kiss, which I turned my head in time to avoid, and she somehow got caught in my earrings… and riiiiip!

I was freaking out about Lily swallowing one of my earrings that went flying (I wear a bunch in my bottom holes) and Nicole was worried about me, but I didn’t want her to worry when it didn’t even hurt that badly.  Once they left I checked on it, and realized it had torn all the way out… I was shocked bc it wasn`t really painful!  So mom came down and took me to the hospital and I got stitches for the first time ever!  I got 6, and got all bandaged up around my head so I looked like an 80`s wrestler lol.  It was pretty funny, but I knew Nicole felt terrible, which YOU DON`T NEED TO BE SILLY!  Since I know she`s reading this lol.  I go in today to get them taken out at my family doctors.

july 006I was able to get another 2 sets of Matryoshka dolls.  One set is a circular set.

My goal this weekend, is to get the girl`s cleaned up (their cage), make my home made cleaners,get Zeus`nails done (who is staring at me right now bc I`m typing and not petting him lol)  and hopefully get a good vacuuming in too.

Mom`s birthday is on the 16th.  I got her one of those foot filer things that looks like and electric razor… an as seen on tv product she wanted, and a new heating pad.  I can post it, bc she picked it out, so she already knows I got it lol.

Amanda`s is next month, and thanks to Nicole, I was able to find the one thing that might stop me from getting it done.  So I`m pumped that I`ll most likely be able to do it now!

Okay going to scoot.


PS  No doctor appointments after today, until I got to the Neuro at the beginning of August.  Wooo!


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