Family Time!

july2 007I suck for not being on here.  I actually want to be writing more often, but my depression kicks in and I lose all want for writing lol.

We went to my cousin’s 10th birthday party.  We got our pictures taken under fake palm trees.  She lives in Florida, but wanted a birthday with her Canadian family, so they are doing a photo album of all of us, so she knows who we are.  Nick had a great time with the kids, and it was nice to see my cousins and aunts and uncles 🙂

july2 002My mom, Nick and I, went to Grams for, mom’s birthday.  Grams made her a boiled dinner, and I made her a spice cake with cream cheese icing.  She already knew her gift so that part wasn’t too exciting!

july2 022I’ve been getting Christmas and birthday presents… on a budget.  I have come up with some great ideas so far for everyone!  I’m so excited already! Lol.

I’ve also decided to redo my night stand.  I found it yrs ago on the side of the road.  Just a basic side table, with a drawer, but it’s boring and dated looking, so I’m going to sand it down and paint it to go with my bed.  Not sure what color yet.  Thinking of doing the same with my dresser, but I don’t know if I’ll bother.

I’ve got some really cheap pieces I’ve found online to get used too that I want to redo and sell.  It’ll be a fun past time and I can make a little money while I’m at it!

july2 001I finally bought myself a brand new nesting doll set.  It’s an around the world set.  Basically the biggest piece is a globe of the earth… and you open it up, and there are 8 different little people from different cultures around the world.  Not your typical nesting doll set, but that’s why I like it!  Will have to start getting floating shelves to put them all out on display hehe.

My sis traded her old crappy laptop with a broken screen to me, for a leather jacket I had trying to sell.  I wanted it to use for watching tv and movies on and still be able to go online on this laptop.  The cord is so bloody long, I can stretch it across the room, and set it in one of the little slots for entertainment stuff like DVD players, etc.  and keep it all neat and tidy… even though right now it’s all over the floor lol.

july2 017Still trying to figure out what’s going on with my air conditioner.  I know … or I think I know it’s bc the water line is probably dirty and needs a good cleaning, but I can’t get at it, to do it, so Lilliane’s going to help me next week, try and figure it out.  I really don’t want to have to be wasting money to get a new one, when it’s probably something simple, but my unit is discontinued, so it’s so hard to find a manual and figure out how to take the inside apart.

I think also, I am done trying to read Watership Down.  So many people love it, and I find it boring so far, and in order for it to be exciting, cute little bunnies will be hurt, and I won’t want to read about that either lol.  Think I’ll test out one of the millions of books I have on my Kobo to check out.

july2 018Also… I have had a couple readings done on me, and wanted to share on here, what the readers have said about me.  Psychics I guess?  I get a 1/2 hour reading next week, while I will hopefully remember most of to share, but this is the two I got done by two separate women.

Ash, Okay I’m not getting family in for you hun. I am getting healers from spirit, and they are healing you all the time. They feel that you may need more from a doctor as they can’t do it all.  They are saying it will get better in time ty

the second

Ash, The dreamer, the take it as it comes kind of person. Let by gone’s be by gone’s and go from there giving ppl another chance, or the benefit of the doubt. Trust them one more time. Ppl have not been very good to you have they?. You are a lonely person even when there are ppl around. You carry much sadness with you from things that have happen to you through life but your guides are stepping forward to let you know that you are not alone. They are with you and will get you through all of it. So, stay positive hun!

Talk soon!


PS  Zeus got a new catnip toy from the vets today, and my Lilly’s finally bloomed from Nicole.  They got ate by squirrels last year, and this year they look gorgeous!  I also had a dinner and a movie date with Nick this week.  Reese was so adorable cuddling up to him!


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