wedding 052Still no word from the hospital about getting the tests done.  Hopefully I hear from them soon!  Susan came by this morning, which was so nice to catch up with her!

I’ve been SO exhausted lately!  I am getting stuff done, but I am constantly having to take naps.  It’s very strange.  When my birthday rolls around, I am sending in the chip from my CPAP machine to get it checked and make sure it’s on the right level, etc.

coach1 001The wedding was SO nice!  Loved getting to see the old apartment mom and I lived in, when my parents first split.  Loved the simple, but beautiful things they did for the wedding, and yummy food.  Also got to see lots of people from Camden East (where I grew up) like Annabelle who lived across the street from us.  It was just the perfect day 🙂

Nicole and Adam came over for a short visit today.  I got to stand… yes stand and go back and forth training with Nicole with Lily.  It was fun, even though my hand gestures were totally backwards LOL.  She did so good!

wedding 070I was hanging out with my one neighbor who recently got a tarantula (gags) and a bearded dragon (in love)  I couldn’t see the gross one since it was buried (thank god lol) but got to pick up the bearded dragon.  I am in love with them!  I have been researching them more, and thinking later on once the girls are gone, I might consider getting one!  I fell in love with this one, the second I held it!  So sweet!  And I love inquisitive pets!

wedding 072Dad already made the stairs for me for Zeus!  They look amazing!  He did a great job on them.  Dennis, my landlord gave me some spare carpeting he had at home, and one of his exacto knives to use.  Also showed me the best way to lay the carpeting to staple it down.  Mom is bringing me her staple gun tomorrow for me to get it all done.  I’m just so happy with it 🙂  And Zeus has been using it too, which makes this all worth it.  He climbs up it… and then jumps from the top step off it lol.

Hoping to get some paint to start redoing some of these pieces of furniture.  I cannot wait to get going with them!  I am hoping to make a new page on here showing the before, the process and the after with each project.  It’ll be fun 🙂

Hope you are all doing well!




aug8 004Been  doing a LOT better lately!  My blood pooling in my feet is terrible, but I’m fighting it really well!  Which of course has put me in a better mood too.

Aunt Kelly is down from TO and I’m SO happy!  Tomorrow we are going to a wedding in the family.  I am wearing a new top and skirt I got at Old Navy.  I hope it looks okay!

kobo vox 001My dad and step mom; Lois, was over today for a visit 🙂  I`miss my dad so much!  I talk to him like 2-3 times a week on the phone, but it`s not the same!  He found a cool cupboard on the side of the road earlier this week while we were chatting, and brought it up today.  It`s beautiful!!!  I need to get paint bad!  I have so many cool projects I want to get started on 🙂

kobo vox 002We’ve had problems in the past with the roof above my front entrance room (which is below my upstairs neighbor’s patio deck area)  leaking whenever it rained or snow melted.  Well it finally hit the big time and drenched the carpet the landlord had laid down.  The people who rented here before me, would lock their dogs in that room, and it was smelly when I first moved here, even after they repainted and scrubbed it, but hasn’t smelt in the last couple of years.  Since this rain, it’s reeked worse than ever before, so my landlord came over and ripped the carpeting out, took the cabinet out he had put up for me, bc water had been pouring behind there, and has been working on it every few hours for the last couple of days.  It’s starting to look all cleaned up now though.

Cabinet from dad

Cabinet from dad

My college roomie Jess, is coming down next weekend for a visit!  I cannot wait to see her!  We moved in together ten yrs ago this month… omg that makes it seem so long ago, when it feels like only yesterday.  It will be so good to just chat and catch up.  I’ve missed her!

I got all the animals brushed, and their nails trimmed.  Speaking of pets… I found these cool, cheap, As Seen On Tv doggy stairs, to help them get onto the bed, into the car, etc.  and I wanted to get them, for Zeus at bed time.  Since switching from a futon to a bed with a box spring and mattress, he’s had a little more difficult of a time getting into bed.  So these stairs were on for really cheap!  Problem with the great price, is they sell out within a couple hours of Petsmart being open!  So I asked dad, and he is going to make him a small set of sturdy stairs to get into bed 🙂  I am so glad he is doing this for me.  Zeus is my love, and a HUGE part of my life, and this is the least I can do for my old boy!

Still haven’t heard about going in for my tests yet, but hopefully soon!

Take Care.


PS  I FINALLY got my damn portable air conditioner working again!


homemade cleaners

homemade cleaners

I am having a rough time lately.  It’s setting my depression off.  Not all the time, just when my POTS gets really active, or I’m doing something really hard, like laundry, etc.  I seriously want to drop and cry my eyes out.

I had my Neurologist appointment.  He truly thinks my POTS is in remission, and is now worried something is wrong with my heart.  It’s been over worked for more than 10 yrs now, and bc I am not fainting, but feeling like I am just going to collapse doing stuff, he thinks it’s bc my body is running too fast.

working on my friend's fox scarf.  almost done!

working on my friend’s fox scarf. almost done!

So he is going to set me up for a stress test/ poor man’s tilt test.  If everything with my heart is good, which I am sure it is, then I go in for my second Tilt Table Test.  (See page on here to see what that is).  I am happy that he is doing something at least, but I do believe it’s POTS bc standing to change the loads of laundry, caused my feet to go purplish blue.  All the classic symptoms too when standing… out of breath like I’ve ran a marathon, shaking, sweating, nausea, dizziness.  I do dread the idea of the tilt test bc it’s basically putting a POTSy is the worst situation to see what they do.  Worth it, but still frustrating to have to do.  What else is there though?

Aug1 001

a side table I am redoing, and making the bottom into a bed for Zeus

Going to my friend Lana’s place to watch the rest of The Walking Dead season, and got to go out with my friends Nicole, Adam and their pup I adore, Lily.  It seriously killed me, and we basically did nothing.  Thank God for friends like them, who get that I can’t go out for very long, or really do much without needing a rest.  I feel like I’m pushing myself too hard just to not even keep up with life, and when friends expect me to be around and social, even just to sit around, literally, it wipes me right out.

I fell asleep last night around 7, shortly after I got home from the dr.s.  Woke up around 4:30am, back asleep by 6am until around 10 or so, then back asleep until almost 1pm.  I’m just so damn tired 😦

new kitty treats for Zeus.  you know they're good when he likes them!

new kitty treats for Zeus. you know they’re good when he likes them!

Reading a book about Russell Williams.  Really good so far.  Watching Ghost Adventures, trying to stay awake a bit longer.  I need to stop watching this show bc they are constantly in my dreams now lol.

Will make a separate page for the furniture I am working on redoing.

Take Care.