End of Sept

7fd29eeacea03b1bd7b3ab59264cd115Got to go see Nicole last Friday!  It was nice and relaxing, and I got to cuddle with all the animals… even got to pet Pabu, their little cat who is scared of everyone, due to being originally a stray.  Treats helped!  hehe.  He’s such a handsome little man.

I was able to finally get a washing machine!  FINALLY!  I don’t technically have it yet.  We went to get it today, and no one could get it unhooked from the hoses lol.  So they have it unhooked now, and I am going tomorrow to get it!

Dad and Lois came for a short visit too on Sunday.  It was nice to see them.  I miss my dad so much.  I wish I could see him more!  Thanksgiving is coming soon enough though I suppose.

Zeus is not puking any more, but has had the odd poo still on the floor.  I’m crazy worried about him, so when I get his food, I’m going to ask them if they think I should bring in a sample the next time, or maybe bring him in for blood work.

Still have not had the chance to make my candles yet.  I really want to, but when I’m home I’m either busy catching up on stuff I wasn’t able to do when I’ve been sick, or I’ve been too sick to stand at the oven to do it, or I’m so exhausted I’m just sleeping.  I will get to it soon though and post photos!

Tuesday I went in, and got my heart ultrasound done.  I guess the Neuro wanted one done, then a stress test, and then another ultrasound, but the hospital there doesn’t do that, so I have to find out if the Neuro still wants me to get it done, then get a referral to another office in town that does do it here.

Going to head out.  Will write more, when I know how the tests went, and what their next plan is.  Honestly, I’d like to go right for the tilt table test then.

Talk soon.


PS October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month!


My Little Man…

12038050_10154496942589815_2987475600508954138_nMy little man Zeus hasn’t been feeling well.  Rationally I know it could be nothing, but twice now in the last week he has thrown up 3 times, and gone poo on the floor after trying to in the litter box.  Almost like he’s back up or something, even though he’s going daily as per usual.  Yes.. I know my cats pooping schedule lol.

There was food in his throw up, which makes me think he’s scarfing his food too fast, and he seems absolutely fine after he does go through this, but he is 13… and unfortunately he can’t live forever, so it has been something that’s been nagging at my heart when this has happened.

Big Brother finally finished last night.  For one of the few times I didn’t cry lol.  Which is funny, bc it’s who I wanted to win with the final two.

Found out I am anemic.  Which is funny to me bc any time I have been, it’s been bc of B12 bc of my Crohn’s medicine.  This time, my B12 was high… which doesn’t make sense bc I thought that couldn’t happen, and it’s my Iron that’s low!  My Neurologist would scoff in an I told you so tone if he knew lol.  He’s always adamant I have low Iron, and now finally I do.  He was the first person I thought of when I saw the blood work results lol.

Going to see my best friend Nicole tomorrow!  I’m so excited!  It’s been too long, and even longer since I have been able to go out there to see her.  Packing a bag with stuff for her as we always do when we know we’re going to see each other.

It’s only 6am and I’ve been awake since about 4:30 am… I slept a lot yesterday.  I’m over this crappy cold I had thankfully.  I pumped myself with Eckanasia   … I know I am spelling it wrong, but every time I try to spell it, it comes out as euthanasia lol.  Either way, it did the trick and I didn’t get overly sick like I normally would, and only had one day of a man cold lol.

Will talk soon!



12030767_10154475478354815_2073559438_nSo far things have seemed pretty boring here.  I got Zeus’ cat stairs carpeted, and separated all of my spider plants and their babies into smaller pots.  I’m hoping as they grow, I will start selling them.

I haven’t gotten started on painting any of the furniture bc money is tight, and still working on Christmas gifts.  I will have my oldest nephew, my counselor and my psw left to get for and everyone else will be done.  I have my oldest niece and great nephews in the works right now.

11855391_10154475478374815_834313225_nGot to see my college roomie Jess last weekend which was awesome!  I wasn’t feeling that great, but could at least make us supper!  It was yummy and so nice to see her 🙂  It was our 10 yr anniversary since we moved in together!  Can’t believe it was that long ago… blah.

If you are in Canada, make sure to go to Petsmart’s Adoption Weekend.  Even if you can’t adopt, you can buy a toy for one of the little babies there to have!

12030965_10154475478349815_1641621563_nI got a new nesting doll set.  It was hand painted by a woman from Russia, with her signature.  They are beautiful 🙂

I’ve also been cooking a lot more and trying some baking out.  Got a yummy peanut butter cookie recipe my best friend tried first and yuuuuum.  So good and easy!  1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup peanut butter, and an egg.  That’s it!

12033347_10154475478364815_1021032748_nWent to the dentist and no cavities!  I was given a Sulcabrush to use now after brushing and flossing.  Actually feels kind of nice, but I know me, and I will probably get lazy about it lol.

Watching Big Brother so I’m gonna jet.