12030767_10154475478354815_2073559438_nSo far things have seemed pretty boring here.  I got Zeus’ cat stairs carpeted, and separated all of my spider plants and their babies into smaller pots.  I’m hoping as they grow, I will start selling them.

I haven’t gotten started on painting any of the furniture bc money is tight, and still working on Christmas gifts.  I will have my oldest nephew, my counselor and my psw left to get for and everyone else will be done.  I have my oldest niece and great nephews in the works right now.

11855391_10154475478374815_834313225_nGot to see my college roomie Jess last weekend which was awesome!  I wasn’t feeling that great, but could at least make us supper!  It was yummy and so nice to see her 🙂  It was our 10 yr anniversary since we moved in together!  Can’t believe it was that long ago… blah.

If you are in Canada, make sure to go to Petsmart’s Adoption Weekend.  Even if you can’t adopt, you can buy a toy for one of the little babies there to have!

12030965_10154475478349815_1641621563_nI got a new nesting doll set.  It was hand painted by a woman from Russia, with her signature.  They are beautiful 🙂

I’ve also been cooking a lot more and trying some baking out.  Got a yummy peanut butter cookie recipe my best friend tried first and yuuuuum.  So good and easy!  1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup peanut butter, and an egg.  That’s it!

12033347_10154475478364815_1021032748_nWent to the dentist and no cavities!  I was given a Sulcabrush to use now after brushing and flossing.  Actually feels kind of nice, but I know me, and I will probably get lazy about it lol.

Watching Big Brother so I’m gonna jet.



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