Zeus is Far Too Smart…

IMG_0212I went in to the vets on Friday, and they said his food is full of fiber, so they gave me this tube of laxative for him.  I give him the gel every couple of days for the next couple weeks.  I went out yesterday with mom and got him a variety of cat food to try.  Yesterday I tried the first kind, and he loved it.  Today I added his medicine in with the same stuff… and he ate just the gravy part of the meal and is slowly deciding after screaming at me, to try the kibble part that has his medicine in it.  Such a smart little shit!  After two weeks, if we notice no difference, I’m to bring him in.  I would like to have them do either a stool sample, or blood work to check what it could be.  I know it can be old age, but there may be an infection or possible cancer too, just in the beginning stages.

Nicole and Adam gave me a small freezer that opens like a fridge door, months ago, and I finally plugged it in yesterday.  There’s a good site for doing crock pot recipes, and some of my recipes I love, but don’t want the whole batch at once, I can do now, and freeze up for later!  Going to start with cookies for holidays coming up, and chicken noodle soup.

Got into my spare room where the freezer is, and all my boxes of stuff I am selling.  I went through every one of them, and sorted them better now that there is more stuff.  Like clothes in one, breakables in another, movies and books in another, etc.  It’ll be a lot easier to find stuff when I sell it, and not cause me to rummage through a big mess of boxes like I was before.

I would like to get my big portable air conditioner put away, since I hope it’s not going to get that warm again now! Lol.  I also went through more stuff to throw out, donate, sell, and spent a half hour looking for batteries for my Wii remote.  Ahhh I found it sitting on my CD player lol.

Also want to get Zeus and the girl’s nails done, and a good brushing, vacuum really well, dust, do the windows, and hopefully when I see Holly on Friday, we can go for more cat food by then, depending on how Zeus is doing (marking the types of foods and what he’s been like with them so I remember for later… also bc he’s a picky shit)  and I want to get my Health Card renewed since it’ll be due.  I also need to call my Neuro and tell him how the tests were all wrong for the hospital they sent me to, and get that sorted out!

Yesterday, I went up to mom’s and helped her take pictures of her stuff to sell.  We didn’t get all her cups and saucers done, but a big majority of it, and some other stuff.  Got to recharge my camera AGAIN now!  Been taking lots of photos!

I have my sis, my aunt Kelly, my mom, Holly and Nick’s Christmas gifts bought.  Oh and Caryn and Carter’s presents.  Now I have to get dad and Lois’ paid for, find something for Jase my other great nephew, and my oldest niece Jess the  rest of her present, the stocking gift for my Grams, and then I have Travis my oldest newphews gifts, Susan, Lilliane (who I already know what I’m getting, just have to get it ordered), and I believe that is it… oh and Nick’s birthday gift.  I know it seems early, but I only have two pay checks before Christmas, and a lot of it is being bought online, so I have to order it ahead of time.  I think I’ll be okay though… I think lol.  And I have to finish up my sister’s gift which is partly home made.

Dan from housing comes this Wednesday, so I’m going to put him to work.  He needs to fix my cupboard door, put a light shade back on for me from where I changed the bulb, and almost fainted putting the fixture back on it, and help me get my dryer up on the top of the stacking rack Lilliane gave me for the washer dryer.  The washer is all hooked up and ready to go, but I have to get a dryer vent kit before I can use it.  Not in any rush for that though, and it only costs about $14.

Okay now that I’m done unloading all my crazy plans for the next little bit, I am going to go watch Criminal Minds!  Love that show!



2 thoughts on “Zeus is Far Too Smart…

  1. Hi Ash, I’m on my way to starting my life. About a week ago I finally got multiple diagnoses to explain decades of misdiagnosis and accusations of being a hypochondriac. Yes, one is POTS! But the other is narcolepsy.

    Apparently it is the second most common sleep disorder after sleep apnea. I’ve been reading your blog and wondered if you’ve ever had a sleep study? Narcolepsy is diagnosed by looking at a series of forced naps. Frequently falling asleep during the day, Dreaming with naps, and falling asleep quickly (less than 15 min) are a few indicators to get tested.

    Narcolepsy is when your sleep cycles are mixed up causing your mind and body to become unable to effectively rest and repair properly. I always feel exhausted even if I feel I had a good night’s sleep. It also contributes to feeling dizzy and general depletion of mental powers. That’s my fantasy way of saying sometimes I no think so good. LOL!

    I mentioned that I’m on my way to beginning my life because I have been diagnosed but will not get to see a cardiologist until January 4th. So much I don’t know and so much stress built up over being belittled for so long. I’m actually a little resentful of having to wait until January to begin my life, but I made it this far. The last 5 years have been debilitating. What’s another 3 months when there’s at least a glimmer of hope for some relief!?

    Keeping positive and wishing you all the best!
    Beth. From Waterford, MI
    Thank you SO much for sharing your journey.


    • I have had a couple sleep studies done, and narcolepsy was definitely one they checked for, but as exhausted as I get, it takes quite a while usually for me to fall asleep 🙂 I have sleep apnea.

      I can’t believe, the amount of posty’s who get the anxiety card, or the depressed, or all in your head idea thrown at them by their doctors. Sorry to hear you are another! They do like to make you wait, but hopefully you will get some help asap once you are in the door! Have you had a tilt table test yet? that’s how they officially diagnose you. Let me know how it goes!!!


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