IMG_0244I haven’t written in ages.  Honestly just haven’t been in the mood to share anything much.

Still no word from my tests from the Neurologist.  Obviously everything was fine, but then he was to book me, if that was the case, for another Tilt Table Test, which I will now have to bug him about.  It’s insane how chronically ill people have to take what little energy they have, to constantly be on their doctors to do the things they say they are going to do.

IMG_0250Years ago I got a root canal done, and have never found it quite right.  Can’t explain.  Woke up Sunday, feeling like I grinded the crap out of my teeth, by Monday morning my face was so swollen, I could barely see out of my eye.

Went for my normal Optometrist appointment, and he couldn’t get a prescription out of my left eye.  He did a bunch of tests for possible issues, which thankfully all came out okay, but is having me come back in two weeks after using eye drops 3 times a day, hoping it’s just extreme dryness screwing up my eye sight.

IMG_0194Then finally Tuesday, I got in to see the dentist and they needed to remove the tooth the root canal was done in.  I decided to get the whole shebang done and over with right then… and omg.  My wisdom teeth, I needed no pain med.s, nothing.  It was easy peasy.  This… has been a fight to get them in me as often as possible.  The pain of the freezing was literally the worst pain I have ever been through.  The staff was shocked that I was screaming or yelling at that point.  It literally ran my nerves through the roof.  I was done.  It took all my effort to be able to deal with the easy part of pulling it.  It was terrible.

IMG_0302My dad broke his hip at work falling off his bench, and smashed his shoulder up.  He is doing a lot better hip wise thankfully, and is on the mend.  His shoulder is still causing him problems, and was before, from years of repetitive work (he’s a drywaller)  so we shall see what happens there.

I am back with my counselor Susan.  She is such a breath of fresh air.  Someone who just gets me, and always has my back.  So nice!

11091244_694329620675833_6236175112750599712_nThe Pauls family dinner is coming up in a few weeks, and so is my 33rd birthday!  It’s funny, but I have zero interest in celebrating it this year.  I don’t get all depressed about getting older.  I could honestly care less.  The “old age” mark seems to get higher every year so, I don’t feel like I am.  I just have no want to do anything.  I like to make other people’s birthdays special, but I don’t want to when it comes to me.  I always feel like, if I celebrate it, it’s  for other people’s benefit, not my own.

IMG_0253I have pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done.  I have my counselor, my PSW and her son, and I believe that’s it… oh and my dad and Lois, bc I just renew a magazine subscription to Arizona Highways they love.  And some stocking gifts to get for Nick.  All the others are done, and either here and hidden, or on their way in the mail.

One of my gifts was on a HUGE back order, and it arrived finally, but broken!  I was so worried I wouldn’t get it exchanged for a new one before Christmas, because it is the exact gift I wanted for this person, but thankfully I was assured I will get it before then.  Can’t wait!

IMG_0252I have also gotten into this Fiestaware kick.  I can’t believe how expensive this stuff is!  I have gotten a great antique dealer up past Toronto, to give me great prices considering, and is coming this way to see their child, so will drop it off for free, instead of paying shipping.  That will be a huge help.  My birthday present this year 🙂

For Halloween, I stayed home, and all of my chocolates were GONE by 6:30!  Last time I had to give kids doubles and triples, and still had tons left over.  I am definitely making sure I have enough next year!

Okay, going to head out and hang some shelving and maybe do some painting.

Talk to yas later


PS  Finally got to meet my first POTSY!  (My guinea pig Reese. her original owner became allergic to her, and through her mom, we found out we both have pots.  We’ve been chatting for a long time, but were finally both well enough to hang out!)