12348525_10154675946894815_1842229648_nNot replying to comments this time around because I am about to leave at any moment.  Thank you for them though, and they will be gotten back to asap.  Love hearing everyone’s experiences 🙂

Today is my youngest nephew’s birthday!  He turned 10.  I am waiting on his mother (the women in my family are always late… heading on a half hour now lol)  to come pick me up for the party.  I got him a pretty kick ass gift and am excited to give it to him!!!

12347847_10154693352319815_6972753806718149429_nI went to the G I and everything Crohn’s wise is going well!  I mentioned how in my blood work, it said my Iron was low, but he said not to worry about it, and wouldn’t even tell me what kinds of food are good for iron!  Seriously?  I don’t see him for 6 months.  Will be bringing my blood work info. to my family doctor when I see her in January lol.

12358511_10154675946874815_781466364_nMy birthday was good.  My sister and Nick, got me a throw pillow that has the words to, “You are my sunshine.” on it, bc that is the song I have always sang Zeus and his brother when they got stressed.  When I put Bizkit down, I sang that song to him, and wrote the words on the box he was burried in.  So it means a lot.  They also got me a zombie gnome lol.  It’s creepily adorable and I loooove it!

I have all of my Christmas shopping done now.  Was able to give Lilliane her hedge hog earrings which were cute, and the chocolate for her son.  She got Zeus a litter mat which is nicely working good, and got me two adorable pug throw pillows.   I can’t stop hugging them!

12373440_10154689565679815_7152048450844234320_nThe Pauls dinner went awesome and got to see majority of my family.  I am glad I went despite feeling so terrible.  And Amanda finally got out here and spent dinner with me.  I love getting to hang out with her.  Much needed sissy time.  We even got a couple shopping trips in, and she bought me this amazing bird cage shelf.

I am on a rampage of watching the old X-Files episodes, bc the new version starts in January, and I want the old ones to be fresh in my head for when I see it lol.  On season 3 now.

12367031_10154696501679815_406214999_nOkay, want to post some photos, so going to jet, and will try to write again before Christmas, but if not, I hope you all have an amazing holiday and will talk soon!

Take Care!





How could I forget?  My new Fiestaware!

I haven’t written in so long!  I’ve been having non stop computer problems.  I bought myself a new one and I really liked it, and then it just died on me!  So I exchanged it for one that was the same spec.s for $20 cheaper, and it actually hurt my joints to use!  So I returned it, and online, ordered an Acer Chrome book, and the screen is all messed up, so now I have to return it too!  It’s like I have bad computer juju or something lol.

12178132_10154581067164815_941800585_nMy birthday was yesterday!  Thanks for all the messages!  My sister got me a cute throw pillow that has, “You are my sunshine” on it, bc that’s the song I sing Zeus, and used to his brother Bizkit when they were stressed.  When I put Bizkit down, I sang him that song, and wrote the lyrics on the box he was buried in.  So the song means everything to me.  Plus she got me a zombie gnome LOL.  I totally love it, and it’s gross and cute all at the same time.  I love my gnomies ❤

IMG_0362This weekend is the big Newfie dinner at my aunt’s this year.  I am making a taco dip thing that I personally don’t like, but seems to go over well.  When my mom made it growing up, I always called it cat puke dip LOL.  I’m excited to see my family on that side!  I love them all to bunches.

Sunday, my friend is having her art displayed at a Christmas craft show, so mom, grams and I are going to go.  I’m excited to see her, and love her stuff, and happy I finally get to come to another of her shows for support.

IMG_0317.JPGMy aunt Kelly isn’t going to be down this Christmas 😦  Totally bummed!  Normally, from as long as I can remember, she would swap back and forth between spending Christmas with either her mom, or her dad and my grams here, and then go to the other for Boxing Day, but this year she has to work Boxing Day!  Honestly hate it, bc we have lost so many of our family we spend Christmas with lately, it feels wrong not having her with us on one of the days.

I honestly don’t know what’s happened since I last wrote.  Normally I go back and read the previous entry, so I know where to start catching up.

IMG_0329.JPGI got a bad tooth infection and looked like I had been smashed in the face with a bat lol,  got to finally meet Reese’s previous owner Karalee who has POTS like me, and had a dinner and movie night at her and her fiance’s place, found out I am no longer considered pre diabetic!  I am back to the normal zone, I have a new student of Susan’s started with me, which is always nice since they are always good kids, got my washer and dryer all hooked up.  I just need to buy the dryer vent kit next month.  And yeah, anything else, obviously wasn’t that exciting, or I would have remembered it!

I don’t have a lot of photos to share, bc some are on my phone, and on the computers that are now kaput!  So I shall share what I can find, and hopefully by next time I’ll have the computer crap sorted out, and have photos all in one place!

If not, just in case, Merry Christmas!