January Start Up

12575728_10154777712154815_462047359_nIf this month is any inclination as to what my year is going to be like, I quit now lol.  I have been sick, etc. non stop so far!

I went to get my teeth cleaned last week after a few weeks of really bad back pain that seemed to be getting worse.  Found out I had a cavity and almost cried lol.  My nerves are still shot from when I got the freezing during my infection and it hurt so badly.  Just the thoughts of being there for a cleaning was hard enough!

12546137_10154777712859815_153233045_oThen my counsellor/ nurse tells me I probably have a UTI or kidney infection, which is probably what’s causing my back pain.  I had a physical a couple weeks prior, and they had asked me to come back in and do the pee test over… so I ended up going in again on Friday and doing it for a 3rd time.  The office called me twice, but I was out with my Peer Worker so I missed the first call, and the second one they hung up on me and then didn’t call back.  So I don’t know what this is.  The back pain is slightly better but has moved up higher on my back and I have burning up into my shoulders and around my ribs now.  Very bizarre.

12544633_10154777712914815_206090048_oI’ve been hand knitting with size 7 thickness of wool.  I made a really thick infinity first, but I don’t like how net like it is.  I made a thinner one and it looks perfect.  I am also repotting more spider plants.  I need to get some bigger pots for them.  They’re growing great.

12540414_10154777712609815_675159816_nGot to hold my first Skinny Pig.  (A bald guinea pig)  and I was in love.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when my girls are gone, and I can’t have them any more.  I cuddled with Reese today, and was snuggling with my chin on her, and put her back and had hives!  That’s with allergy med.s so it’s just frustrating.

My dad and Lois are gone to their yearly trip to the States.  They were shopping for jewellery for their shop, and got me an amethyst necklace my dad new I was looking to get.  Usually they get us something neat as a little gift, but this is awesome!  Can’t wait 🙂

12511888_10154777712444815_896429682_nA local painter loves a painter I love too.  To get a print, it is $200, even at places like Walmart, so this lady repaints them with oils and sells them.  Not probably legal, but great for people like me, who would never otherwise get something of his.  So I got two beautiful prints from her.  Might get two others later.  Love them!

Tomorrow is family dinner night.  We switched it to Sundays now.  OOoo gotta switch to Ghost Adventures lol.  Will talk soon!!!


PS  Will get back too comments soon.  Just can’t sit up very long with my back.  Take care!


Christmas & New Years

1622015_10154711007299815_9077954782651774361_nI’ve been so busy, but that’s good bc now I have a lot to share with you all!  Christmas Eve at dad and Lois’ was so nice.  I got to spoil my little great nephews and get so many photos of them.  I can’t get over how amazing they both are!  Love them to bunches!  Jase loved his Ninja Turtle, and after giving Tickle Me Elmo a slap in the face, Carter decided he was kiss worthy lol.

945282_10154717187904815_5710357336924709645_nChristmas morning, mom, Grams and I were up and at their place before the boys had woke up!  It was nice to be there to see it all!  Everyone loved their gifts thankfully, and I got some great ones too.  I got a couple Jay from Jay and Silent Bob action figures, a beautiful necklace, scarf, Sons of Anarchy bobble heads, etc.  I got spoiled for sure.

Meghan, Julian and Liam were down with us, so we had a great time, and I got to come up and see them lots before they went home.

1425535_10154717187544815_5493427121897276162_nNew Years Eve, I did NOTHING!  I was on a binge of The X Files, and that’s what I stayed up doing lol.  The show is being redone at the end of this month, so I watched all 9 seasons of the show to remember everything before it starts again lol.

Aunt Kelly came down this week and I missed her so much!  Thursday night, we had out dinner/ Christmas time with her.  She got me a beautiful owl calendar, and funky ornaments that match my tree of an owl, a squirrel and a hedge hog lol and she got me the Mulder and Scully bobble heads I was planning on getting myself!  I LOOOOOVE them!

1233982_10154717187949815_6451542084309148967_nWe got to visit yesterday, and today her and mom came up for lunch and brought me the desk my Grams didn’t want any more, here, so I can use it in my spare room for my paper work, printer, etc.  It’s in my dining room right now until I get the room cleaned up to move it in.

My Christmas tree is still up lol.  My goal tomorrow is to clean the girls’ cage, and then take the tree down.

12483451_10154760801084815_1283854836_nPoor Reese was not doing well.  She wasn’t eating her carrots again.  I wasn’t able to hold her, bc I had gotten a pretty bad cold, and didn’t want to get her sick.  Yes they can catch a cold virus from humans.  So I got her out and gave her lots of cuddles, and she seems a little better appetite wise, but she still seems a little off to me.

12511809_10154760801274815_354757591_nI was supposed to get a Tilt Table Test done from my Neurologist, and instead I got an appointment sheet in the mail, saying my next check up isn’t until AUGUST!  Ahhh!  I swear you always have to be on doctors or at least specialists.  Drives me nuts!

Going to go feed my Zeus and do my dishes from lunch today, and will be back later this week to answer everyone’s comments.

Take Care!