March Madness

11994010_10154922117004815_1672459377_oWell something is going on.  I haven’t been sleeping more than a couple hours at a time.  I fall asleep sitting up and don’t even realize I have, until I wake up.

I went and got my tests done and my B12 and Iron are both good, and my pre diabetes is non existent now thankfully, but then what is this???  Waiting until the beginning of April to go back to my doctor to see what is next.  I hate waiting this out.  So pooped.

12728878_10154879862669815_5097769774628107276_nI really haven’t written bc sadly I have been non functioning.  So obviously I haven’t started to rehabilitation program yet.  Very disappointing, but I can barely get by each day, let alone add a really hard work out program to the mix.  I have started drinking the right amount of water (3Ls) a day, and still working on my crafts.  Just sooo exhausted.  My next project, is to try loom purses.  We shall see how they turn out!

Hope you all are well!