New Hope

AshleyEarlier last week I was able to get a referral to an Internist.  I heard from his office right away and was able to get in for yesterday.  He was so kind and OMG he knew his stuff!  I brought a page of examples of things I have to do to adapt to my POTS, and he has quite a few ideas for me!  He thinks too, that it might be something else entirely different.  I see him again in two weeks after my first round of testing is done on Tuesday.

I also have had a Loyalist student coming by.  At first, she contacted me through Kijiji bc she saw my ad about looking for nesting dolls.  She wanted to do a written article on my collection.  Well we got chatting, and I mentioned I had POTS and then later, when having to do a video interview of someone, asked if she could do it on me and my illnesses.  So she popped by today to get some photos to go with the video, and some video clips.  Got some of the girls and of course Zeus had to pose for her lol.  She’s going to try to send both the written and the video article to me, and if she doesn’t mind, will add them both on here!

Today is kind of a cleaning day, so I am trying to get all the animals cleaned up, so I can do their nails on the weekend, and have this place finished up the way I want, so I can get back to doing some loom projects I’ve been wanting to do.  Like the hobo purses.

I contacted my G I about me getting hives even with the Benadryl when I take my Humira, and he now wants me to do it with 50 mg of Prednisone!  I have to take it today, and am NOT taking it this time around.  It makes me so sick!  And I can’t get in to see him to properly discuss it bc he’s been working at the hospital, so I have to ask questions through his poor secretary!  BOO!  Wish me luck on it today!

Not sure if I mentioned this the last time, but with Reese my guinea pig.  I did have to put her down.  My dear little soul was no longer eating or drinking, or coming out at all barely.  I couldn’t put her through the cancer any longer, and took her to the vet.  I was able to bury her at my mom’s, and my sister gave me a nice baby blanket to use of Nick’s, and a pretty box she had gotten that was perfect.  When all the other pets are asleep in the bedroom, I miss her terribly, bc she was always up for keeping me company.

Will write again soon, but wanted to check in bc as sick as I have been, I am glad to have some hope that things will be getting better.  Or at least a doctor who is willing to try!

Take Care.



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