Catch Up

13098905_474217519439142_1750729996_n(1)Well I went back to the Internist again.  Honestly thinking, bc he is taking over my POTS and any other Neuro type issues, if I should just stop going to my Neurologist in Kingston.  He’s a great man, but does NOTHING for me.  All he says is, “Keep doing what you’re doing!”  And that obviously hasn’t been working, so why drive once a year for two hours each way, just to be told that?  Considering it.  I don’t go to see him until August, so I may go one more time, or not at all and just cancel the appointment.

The Internist got all of my test results, except for the one that has a turn over rate of 30 business days, for Mayenthsa Gravis.  All the others came back good, so while we are waiting for the results of the other, he is trying me back on Midodrine for POTS.  I was put on back almost 10 years ago before I even tried a beta blocker, but they  didn’t give it a good shot, especially considering it took two and a half years to get me on the right dosage on my Beta Blocker.  So we are trying it again.  I am all for this, but you cannot lay down for a half hour after taking it… and it was an hour for me bc my blood pressure would drop so low I couldn’t get up off that couch.  He wants me to take it three times a day, but with my randomly falling asleep, it worries me!  Half the time I don’t mean to fall asleep it’s just BOOM and I’m out.

13150948_1268168146526759_1626993719_nI’ve been feeling better this past week!  Not on the medicine yet (I get it delivered tonight)  but having a great haul of it!  I got my new dresser repainted, and I don’t like the color I chose for the drawers, so just need to redo them now, and I am done!  My dad is going to give me his antique ceramic knobs he has to go with it, so it’ll give it that extra punch 🙂

I was also able to get out with my friend for a late dinner.  I was out and asleep about a half hour after I got home, but at least I did it! Lol.  And I got to meet her puppy who fell asleep in my lap, and wanted to sneak home with me!

13129971_1043145832422489_1744492991_nI was also able today alone, to get the cat litter dumped, the girl’s cage cleaned and garbages ready for tomorrow, and go out and do some weeding!  Now it’s no where near as good of a job as I’d normally want, but I also got that Miracle Gro seeds that you just shake into the yard and the grow nice annuals, to fill up your beds.  I hope it works… less weeding!!!

I was also able to make my mom and yummy broccoli dinner yesterday.  I want to start adding my recipes that I love on here, and link them from a site, if that’s where I got them from.

I am going to head out and get dinner started.  So nice to be somewhat normal like!!!!  Well still not really, but yay none the less!!!