Month Long

100_0069Well I heard back from my test for Myenthsa Gravis Disease… totally did NOT spell that right, but I’m too tired and lazy to Google it lol.  It was negative.  Which totally shocked me.  Yes good I don’t have something… but there’s something, and that would have begun the fixing process.  I don’t see him again until August.  I hope he’s still going to keep looking for what it could be!

Went to my G I and he agreed my reaction to the Humira isn’t like most people’s rash like reaction.  He swears it’s bc it has nickel in the needle, and I’m allergic to nickel.  Unfortunately, he contacted the Humira company to get a hold of me with other options for getting it, and there isn’t any without nickel in it.  Really?  So odd to me, bc I know quite a few people who get a rash from it.  Looks like I’ll be going on Remicade now and go to the hospital once a month for the day to get it through IV BOO!

My grandma scarily had a heart attack.  It was very minor, and she is recovering better than I thought someone half her age would, but it is still terrifying that she had one period.  Minor or not… a heart attack is a heart attack, and she’s in her mid eighties!  Thank God she’s taken such good care of herself.

Aunt Kelly was down bc of grams, so she stayed with me one night and let me test my cooking skills out on her.  I think I did pretty good!  Speaking of cooking, I have added a recipe page to this blog for recipes I find yummy, and think you would all too!  Let me know if you try any of them out!

Called my dad today to wish him a happy father’s day, and Lois reminded us it’s next Sunday LOL.  Oh well.  Now he knows he’ll be getting a call next week too about it lol.  I have a gift for him, but have no way of getting out there to get it to him.  Him and Lois came up a few weeks ago, and he tuned my guitar for me ❤  Gotta love our dad’s 🙂

Nicole and Adam came to visit when I told her how stressed I had been.  They came up with my furry niece puppy, Lily and let her stay with me for cuddles while they did some shopping and got us lunch bc I was too sick to go.  She impresses me more and more, how good she is getting.  I needed my puppy love!

Nothing much is going on this week.  I am going through my crap and resorting it, so I have somewhere to put everything and not just have it laying around everywhere.  So far the crap is winning! Lol.

Take Care.