12-Dancing-Princesses.jpgIt’s been SO long!  I have been really out of it lately, and just haven’t had it in me to sit down and write until now.

I got taken off Humira, and have now had two infusions of Remicade.  The first one I got with a cortisol shot and I was in so much pain that night, I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital.  Then I ended up with a sun rash from the medication and ended in the ER twice bc of feeling like my breathing was labored, which ended up being due to low blood pressure, and a low heart rate.

I am doing better on it now.  I get Benadryl and refuse the cortisol, and have SPF 60 sun screen which I put on every day lol.  I am stocked up!  I got my first infusion, two weeks later then second, and I go back in a month for the third, and then after I go every eight weeks.

I tried doing this paper crafting, where you roll up paper like a straw, and then roll them into a little circle and keep attaching more to the end, which when you are done, comes out to looking like a bowl.  That is some mystic horse shit that I DO NOT get!  Mine turned into a spiral of paper and gooey glue. Lol.  I am not made for crafting.  BOO!

Got spoiled and got to see my best friend Nicole twice this month.  The first time was to do a photo shoot at her parent’s place / in the style of an art show she has tomorrow.  I also got to see all the memory places for her, like the creek, her room, where her grandparent’s farm was, etc.  That alone was awesome 🙂

I was also able to scoot out for a quick visit yesterday to wish her luck and cuddle her animals.  I love them to pieces!  I got to pet and visit a little with her littlest adopted Sophie, and Pabu who is getting so good at not being nervous, allowed me to hold him!  They were all rescued strays, so they have a hard time with people they don’t know.  Now their other cat Yuki, you would never know it, bc she loves the attention, and their dog Lily is just the greatest little cutie thanks to their hard work in training her.  They’re all my little dolls ❤

Today we celebrated my mom’s birthday.  Nick goes to his dad’s tomorrow, which is her actual birthday, so we had lunch here today, and then they were going out to a park.  We were all going to go to the park to eat, etc.  but I haven’t been doing so well, so they all came up here with sandwiches, and I made a cake for her.  We realised we didn’t have candles, so I had a long skinny one at my table, and my sis and I just smucked it right in the middle of the cake and lit it LOL.  My sis even helped me, by doing the girl’s cage.  I didn’t expect her to, with her allergies too, but I am so thankful she did!

Tomorrow we are going shopping for mom’s birthday to get her a plant, bush, whatever she wants, of her choice.  I couldn’t get it before, bc my worker who takes me out, was off work, but this way she can pick the one she wants most.

Will try to write more often.  Hope you all are doing well!