13664652_10155366896234815_319275869_n.jpgOmg the heat here has been bloody awful.  It’s actually raining for the first time in forever, and now I need to change the water in my a/c.

Preacher (HBO show based off my second favourite comic!)  Finished it’s first season.  Every time I’d watch it from my laptop, hooked up to my TV, even on full blast, I could barely hear it.  So now thanks to a friend, I can hear it, and doing a rewatch of the entire season.  Actually enjoying it more now than when I watched it one episode per week.

13817233_10155360391909815_1192201852_nI am now on Florinef.  I’ve known about it for years from other posty friends being put on it, but never had a doctor want to me on it.  So I started it finally thanks to my Internist that I saw last week.  No bad side effects, yet nothing at all right now, so we shall see how it goes.  I hope well, bc if it doesn’t, based off how he spoke, that will be the end of all her thinks he can do for me.

13820459_10155360391864815_1494448226_nI respect with the little research being done on POTS, that he wouldn’t have much else to offer me that way, but what about keeping a search out for the possibility of another illness?  He checked my hormones, and tested me for one illness.  I am willing to go through any kind of Hellish testing to try to find something that might be fixable, but he no longer seems to want to himself.  Back to the drawing board again I suppose.

13838313_10155366898669815_983110160_oMy next Remicade infusion, I’ll be only staying for the 2 hours.  I won’t have to stay the extra hour any more, so that’s good!  My last blood work the G I ordered… which means nothing will be done about it, said my MCH was low.  Found out that’s normally low B12, but of course my B12 wasn’t being checked for some reason, so that will just have to be an enigma for now.

My sister’s birthday is on Monday.

13819319_10155360385609815_1586281860_nI would like to get Zeus into the vet in September, for a check up, and to ask some diet questions.  He’s still having the odd time, a hard time going to the bathroom.  Want to weigh my options of what I can do to help the little man.

Got the girls a bunch of new wood chews and a big straw ball, and they were absolutely hilarious to watch.  Gotta love pets, who are truly thankful when you do something for them.  What great little dears.  On the bad front with them, they now give me hives too.  Not as bad as Reese used to, but alas I have to use eye drops, Benadryl and a cortisol cream after holding them, or cleaning their cage.

I am running on zero sleep.  My back is killing me.  I didn’t fall asleep until after 5am yesterday either.

Nothing else is new.  Just bummed from my health outcome yet AGAIN, and not been very sociable or talkative.

Take Care



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