Knitting Nutty

14900487_10155732491794815_4849447703301427843_nI am watching Batman VS Superman finally.  I like it so far!  I don’t know what’s with all the bad feedback it had.  Now a movie I don’t get, that did so well, was Suicide Squad.  I don’t know the story line going into watching it, and it wasn’t terrible, but definitely boring at times.  Too many characters to get to know in too short of a time.

I got a job!  I am working part time from home, taking Pizza Hut orders.  Weird I know, but that’s what I will be doing to bring in some extra cash for Zeus.  I start the training next weekend, and then from there I start working.  Excited because I definitely need mullah now!

14925273_10155732498159815_4638404628032438704_nZeus is now off his antibiotic and doing better!  He still gets out of breath more easily than usual, but not as much as he was when he went to the vets.  His diet is doing good, and it seems like he is already losing weight!

14956392_10155732493014815_45508834163728681_nI take him in Saturday morning, to get his glucose tested again and see where he is at.  I am sure he will need needles, but thanks to a wonderfully kind friend Lana, who sadly lost her baby cat who had diabetes, she stopped by and dropped off the blood glucose monitoring kit.  Those are crazy expensive!  So it was a huge help, as well as gave me tips on what litter to get (because OMG the amount of litter I am going through is double to triple what I was using) and getting the same needles the vet uses, for cheaper prices.  I am so thankful for her letting me borrow it for my babe ❤

14925506_10155732495384815_376663934796816219_nI also started a Diabetes Fund page online for Zeus.  Totally embarrassing to have to do, and if it was for me, I would starve before asking for help, but since it is Zeus, I am willing to beg lol.  I have had a few great friends help in anyways they can.  I’ve also had a great amount of advice and support from others who have had pets with Diabetes.  Very sweet.  Reminds me of how many beautiful, truly good people, I have in my life.  Some not close close friends with, but I am so thankful to have them in my lives, and would do anything to help them back!  Here is the link.  If you cannot donate, I would appreciate it if you could share it for me 🙂

As you can tell, I obviously won’t be able to afford Christmas this year.  So I am trying to make some usable, cool gifts for my close loved ones.  I am working on a project right now for Nick.  Hopefully he will like it.  Mind you he loves anything homemade and from the heart, but I still want it to turn out perfectly 🙂

14671093_10157647539855594_7413007142749380047_nGoing out to see my dad this weekend after taking Zeus for his check up.  It will be my step mom’s birthday, and my dad’s 65th will be soon after.  I want to get out and see them, and take photos of my dad’s rocks and minerals shop, for his facebook page. Having so much fun running it for him!

So last year on Halloween, I ran out of candy by 6:30pm!  So I was ready this year… and got barely any kids lol.  I had all my decorations out and ready, and then never actually put them up!  Oh well.

Grams dressed up for playing Bingo, and she ended up winning the best dressed costume!  So happy for her 🙂  She was hilarious, watching her try on all the different wigs.

Okay back to knitting like a crazy person to get these projects done on time.



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