14971875_10155768924734815_120951597_nWell a lot has changed since I wrote last.  We came into the vets to put Zeus down, and low and behold, my little love had turned himself around!  His blood sugar went back down again.  The vet believes the first antibiotic didn’t work, so we switched, and I’ve been given him two rounds.  He’s on the second round now.

15174586_10155814843344815_1713632207_nHe of course has Diabetes, and has some symptoms, like getting tired out easily, but seems so much better than he did.  More himself now, and sassy.  We shall see what the blood work says when the antibiotic is done, and decide what to do then.  I assume insulin will be the next suggestion.

I was going to foster a bunny through a local tiny animal rescue, but unfortunately with the hay, I won’t be able to bc of my allergies.  BUT I still get to help!  I am going to be fostering a Syrian hamster!  Lol it will be fun.

Did my first big day of training this past Saturday.  Was to go in Sunday too, but I was wasted after the first day, so they are putting me in this Sunday’s class.  I have already passed, but we are going to do practise calls and then live calls and learn the schedule, etc. so I don’t want to miss that either.

This Wed. is infusion day too, so I’m going to be zonked the rest of the week.  I have Anthony coming Thur. to go out for a drive, so that will be nice though.

I have this thing in my knee called, Patellafermeral Disorder (sp?)  which is quite common.  Basically the area that attaches your knee cap to your thigh wears away, and when it gets bad enough, it turns into Bursitis, which basically means inflammation that cannot be brought down easily.  Usually I get it from repetitive standing and bending when I do Spring cleaning, or in the Fall after wearing sandals all Summer, well I’ve been doing everything right, and got it anyway and it went straight to Bursitis, so I’m stuck on Advil, which does NOTHING for the pain.

12247154_10154325707649606_3038622242060818922_nWell last night I decided to set up my Christmas tree, and I went to get up twice from putting decorations on the bottom of the tree, and I cracked my good knee!  So now I can’t squat down to do anything… which is hard when giving your cat medicine twice daily.  So I kind of double over in half for everything, and then for Zeus, I have to just collapse down and recrack my good knee to get back up.  Fun!

This time of year is hard for me.  My uncle Casey passed away just a week before I went into the hospital to be diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  Then my uncle Doug passed just after the new year.  It was 14 years ago on Saturday from my diagnosis day.  I went through a lot at that time, like having to drop out of school, etc.  and it took me a long time to get passed everything that happened at that time, bc I was so sick I wasn’t able to deal with any of it at the time.

Will write more soon, but wanted to check in.



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