Rough Winter

I the beginning of December I learned there was no more going forward with Zeus.  They told me to enjoy Christmas & New Years with him.  I tried waiting, but couldn’t sit there selfishly watching my baby suffer.  So on the 22nd, I put him down.  It was so rough.  I felt dead inside.  When I put his brother down, I was a bawling mess, but him… it was like part of me was shattered.

Christmas was good despite being without him.  I spent Christmas Eve over night with my dad and Lois.  I got to see all the kids, but Travis & Nick.  I really missed seeing Travis especially, considering I don’t get the see him or his siblings often enough as it is.

Mom’s was where I went Christmas morning.  She framed two beautiful photos of my handsome man for me, which made me cry.  She also got me a necklace that my best friend makes, and I love it to pieces.

Susan gave me, for my birthday, a helium balloon saying Happy Birthday… the damn thing is still in the air attached to a chair in my dining room!  It’s been almost two months!  LOL.

After the New Year, Nicole & Adam went on a hunt with me to find my next kitty.  I found a dainty beauty in this cat, Phaona.  GORGEOUS!  Unfortunately by the end of the first night,  I was choking back the Benadryl & taking my inhaler!  Must have been the longer hair.

I was going to give up, and literally just the day before yesterday found the cat.  I got him at the Napanee OSPCA.  He came as Sarge.  He definitely had a home before, but they found him on the streets.  He is a HUGE cat.  Not fat huge, just a really big boy!

His adoption came with some health insurance, his first set of shots, his neuter, and a microchip.  Plus him, and a bag of food!  That’s insane!  Such a great place.  He was there big boy there, and have been sending them photos of him settling in.  He was settled within two minutes of being here lol.

He is 3 years old.  I have decided to name him Odin.  Odie for short.  He is a sweet heart that means well, but is like a bull in a china shop.

Grams came to stay over night here yesterday, and he just loved her.  He also got to meet Nick and mom shortly.

Watching The Crown.  So far it’s REALLY good!  Love how it’s ver historical.  What a great story so far!

I am going to head out for now.