Welcoming Home…

I had been looking online, and going to shelters and I just couldn’t find a cat that spoke to me.  I knew I could love any cat no matter the situation, but I wanted one that gave me that feeling… that something.  I thought I had found it in a beautiful tuxedo, Sir Charles, but unfortunately, he had feline Leukemia.  Now don’t judge!  There is nothing wrong with having a cat with this.  It just means that you can only have cats with that illness in the home, which isn’t that rare, and you have to keep an eye on their immune system, but he was an older boy to begin with, and I was worried about losing a love so soon.  I just couldn’t handle the idea of loss ANY time soon.  Emotionally I couldn’t hack it.   So I kept looking.  Then I found him.

Lennox & Addington OSPCA posted him.  3 years old, Sarge. Totally not his name now.  He had thank tuxedo look I wanted, and had a unique pattern all to himself… my aunt Kelly helped me find the name he ended up with.  He had what looked like the Rorschach test blots on his face, and since I loved The Watchmen comic… I named him Rorschach… Rory for short.  Which is a good Irish name and after another character I like.

He was found outside, and when I came in to meet him, he was laying making weird talking noises from his litter box just chilling.  I picked him up, and he curled into my shoulder…and he had that something…



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