Neuro 2017

17391811_10156315794354815_1331878232_nI met my Neurologist years ago, where he did nerve conductivity tests on me… not pleasant.  And since I had a Cardiologist who was dealing with the heart rate and blood pressure, there wasn’t anything left for my Neuro to do.  So I’ve literally been going to him for years with nothing ever happening lol.

17328207_10156315794239815_1578208932_nToday he decided to give me another Tilt Table Test.  I know this sounds awful, but WAHOO!  I am willing to go through ANYthing if it gives me hope to getting better.  So after 10 years since my first, I will be going through my second test!

17360753_10156315794134815_1824439710_nHe believes that my POTS  should have been grown out of YEARS ago.  I have been diagnosed/disabled by it for about 10 years, with on and off smaller bouts of it throughout my life.  He doesn’t believe it is POTS anymore.  He like a lot of other POTSy’s I know, thinks that it is more of a collection of symptoms from other illnesses building up into POTS like symptoms.  And since I have these other illnesses, they are making it impossible for me to build myself back up, like I normally can.  Hence the horrid shape I am in.

17360555_10156315794314815_1378223814_nBased off my “day in the life” sheets of papers, that explain what I go through on a regular day to day basis, he is positive I have a severe form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  He brought it up at my last appointment, but he is positive that’s what it is now.  Might be some other things too, but that would explain the 24/7 headaches, the never getting enough rest, and not being able to build myself up.  So I am going to look up some diet ideas for it, and see what I can find.  My sis has had it since she was 12, and said the main thing is stress… well I have depression which I am working on and doing very well with for the most part, so there isn’t much more I can do there.

17392103_10156315794059815_1522270929_n.jpgWill let you all know how the Tilt Table Test goes when I get it done, and what the results say.  I am also back to having low B12, and being pre Diabetic again.  So back on my strict diet.  I feel better for it though.

Take Care!!




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