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Next week, I finally get to order my reiki table and start working with clients from home.  I cannot wait!  I have reg and animal reiki certificates now, and working on crystal to add to it.  Very interesting.  Was doing reiki this morning during m20180317_102514408734653.jpgy meditation so we will see how it goes adding crystals to it.

My dad brought by some rock and mineral pieces for me to sell for him.  There’s going to be a big reiki show downtown, and I’m going to be working their booth for them.  It’s coming up soon, and I’m exciting to gain some clients possibly.

Been learning more about my roots and doing a lot of research on it, as well as getting into playing my guitar more often. I love it, and for some reason, just wasn’t playing it.  So I’m back at it again daily. Almost meditative to me.

img_20180323_131849931798169.jpgToday I have an appointment with my Internal Med specialist.  He’s the kind of doctor who goes searching for the weird illnesses that other doctors don’t think of.  He’s taking care of my postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.  Well trying to lol.  I have too big a tolerance for those med.s but they did make a little improvement for me.

Today, we are having a chat about getting tested for MS.  Kind of scary to think I could be handed something like that, but if I have it, then I can be treated and have it slow down.  I’ve changed my eating habits already, but always room for improvement, and exercise has been nearly impossible again.  I miss it so much.  I’m also going to discuss with him, and my crohn’s disease specialist, about going off some of my med.s that no longer give me much benefit.  Better to have the sickness symptoms, than some of the side effects they cause.

20180320_1547311226863627.jpgBack to being anemic again woohoo.  No surprise there, but my liver function, etc. is good!  My heart murmur has been acting up a lot, but I can’t really do anything about that for the time being.

Okay, heading out shortly, so gotta get ready to go.  My memory is getting bad again, and I keep forgetting to lock my doors at night.  Not smart with the area I live in.  Working on that too though.

Take Care!




Turquoise necklace mantra (recited as each bead is added) 

“I am calm in life’s storm and protected from any harm.”

Turquoise is a strengthening and purification stone, and protects from negativity.

Garnet bracelet cleanses the body, mind and spirit.

I love her bracelets and necklaces!  They’re funky and cool, but also have metaphysical uses that makes them functional for me too.

You can also add your favorite essential oils to them as well, as an extra benefit, not ruining the integrity of the beads.

Check out my page above to find more info on Alicia and her beautiful pieces I’ve gotten from her.




Vessel, cup

Change, hidden meanings, truths, secrets


Destiny, risk, inevitability, fate


Midday light, dawn

Light, beautiful, accepting of change, breakthrough, awakening, prosperity,


Ing Earth god

Fertility, internal growth, new life


Interesting.  Interesting.  Hmmm.

Happy St. Patty’s – Cheers!

“May you die in bed at ninety-five years, shot by a jealous husband (or wife).”








The top is my natal chart by a friend Trudie. You can have yours completed, and see her astrology topics on Periscope (app store) under the name, trudiebarraza.

The second, is a energy blueprint reading. You can follow her, at ChakraWanda on Periscope as well.



f1b4615ee88eb89327796ebc63e58d9d--funny-sexy-quotes-kids-quotes-funny“I’m not a woman. I’m a force of nature.”
Courtney Love of Hole – 1998

I think it’s the euphoric rush of feeling even remotely better than I was even yesterday.

Wed. afternoon, I got a call back for my infusion for Crohn’s.  You go into this clinic that looks like a big living room with easy boy chairs.  You grab a blanket, a drink and some snacks, weigh in, say hi, and take a seat an get ready to either watch Netflix for a few hours, or nap like I do bc of all the extra crap they pump into you.  All the weird issues you get from these meds like no immune system, and always trying to figure out which is making you anemic – B12 or iron.  That’s on the better end, and won’t bother to get into the rest.

28938832_10157702639349815_1025643671_o.jpgI was so ecstatic to finally go.  It makes me feel awful, but that was way better than feeling like any day I was going to be heading to the hospital and living there for a week again!  No one noticed I was gone, and no one seemed to give a shit that I got my med.s and I honestly couldn’t give two fucks bc I cared greatly and was so thankful to get it last minute.

It’s weird to me – on a totally different topic – when a reader can actually read me.  Most times they see my outer personality which is so off the wall different from the inner me a lot of times, they just do the psychology thing, and totally miss the mark.  Hell I have this blog where I tell my life publicly… I’m not that hard to figure out with a little searching lol.

28942113_10157702640234815_1648383043_o.jpgI got called on it twice this week.  The inner me.  ME.  Not the jackass who’s silly, enjoying life, and trying to do everything and then some… and I am all of those things, but the me that’s so hidden I don’t even see a lot of times.  I’ve known for a long time, hence the swirl named entries, that I needed to figure me out, and break down my walls, but holy shit some people – and I mean a very minuscule few, can smash right through them without knowing me a long time first

Decided on some changes I’m making.  Still sticking with original goals in mind, but playing them out differently.  Going to give readings on Youtube a whirl and see how that goes.  Please follow if you haven’t already… and more fun work news to come later on.

Want to go through and start getting rid of a bunch of stuff again.  I don’t know why I do this, but damn I love to get rid of crap I don’t use!  Want this cluttered crazy house to be in control a bit more!  Feeling a bit down for some reason, and want to start making sure I’m not letting my depression get the better of me, when everything is going well.







Animal Reiki

If you put two swinging pendulum clocks side by side, swinging in opposite directions, they will eventually end up swinging ing in the same direction, in synch.

Focusing on school right now & finding a job I can do through freelance. I’m going through a lot of stress amd need something to take my mind off it all. I don’t make enough in a month to pay bills and eat. I want to start doing reiki from home, but cant without a massag table and stool for me to roll around it with since I am yet again collapsing. I will have to wait til who knows when to get one.

They did this study with Crohn’s and how it’s linked to depression. Not in the sense that bc you are sick, you are down, but rather how it actually causes full blown depression. Since I have both, I was happy to be a part of it.

Mine is normally pretty good, but going through this relapse is putting me through the ringer. I have lost another 5 lbs in he last few days. 30 lbs altogether, in less than a month. I need my infusion of Remicade asap bc it hurts so bad, all the time. All I want to do is sleep or be awake and cry out of frustration from, the pain. My joints, and back especially are starting to really hurt, and the nausea is unreal.

My hope of a license againhas gone out the window for another 4 months, since I’ve gotten so shakey standing againand have fainted. I just feel done with this shit. When is it my turn to live???

Goingnto get back to school work bc I have another atunement coming up, but just needed to vent since I’m feeling pretty lost. I just don’t like putting it on my loved ones, and feeling like a burden. I truly hope you all are well and happy.

Til later…