25 Random Things About Me

1. On average, every year I read over 100 books

2. I don’t have a middle name

3. I have moved 13 times.. all except twice have been in the last 8 years

4. I have double jointed wrists and thumbs

Me tired and purple lol

5. I have never broken a bone (just a sprained wrist)

6. I am not as anti relationship as most people who know me think (really stop thinking I’m mean to guys lol)

7. I have never been in a fight… closest few times has always been w guy (please reread number 6 lol jk)

8. I eat the red smarties first… just to be spiteful lol

9. I want to marry Russel Peters

10. I like Ellen Degeneres.. and guess what? I’m not gay! So for all you homophobic s out there.. it is actually possible lol

11. I have at one point.. owned up to 19 pets at one time.. but mostly rat babies

12. I don’t put any toppings on hot dogs

13. The first CD I ever owned was REM Monster … and I still have it.. and no longer can listen to it lol

14. I used to be able to do American Sign Language fluently.. now I can only do my name :-p

15. I have two nieces and two nephews .. Jess 20, Caryn 16, Travis 15, and Nick 4

16. I have a sister, a half brother, and two step brothers… most people think it is only me and Amanda

17. I have over 20 purses.. lol all of which I use

18. There isn’t one thing about myself that someone doesn’t know

19. I wake up every morning with a song stuck in my head

20. Crazy people like me.. and I mean CRAZY not really sure why.. but they can find me anywhere

21. My favorite comics are HellBlazer

22. If I’m sitting near something nibby like a blanket.. I have to pull them off until I force myself to walk away from the item lol or give it to someone else to hold onto

23. I have 11 piercings… none of which you  can see by looking at me.  Used to have a tongue ring, but after 8 years, it finally started to affect my teeth, so I chose my teeth over it and took it out lol.  Trying to decide what my next piercing will be!

24. Went to a psychic when I was 22… and even though I don’t like to think about it, nor know if I even believe in it.. everything she has said so far has come true

25. I like to write poetry.. though I really don’t like reading it in general most poetry is stupid LOL.


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