Bed Wedge

I’ve heard so many things about the bed wedge and using it for POTS. I’m a firm believer that if it works… I’m more than willing to see if it can for me! I’ve read it’s like sleeping on concrete, that you must have a firm hypo allergenic pillow, and that it only works if you buy like 6-8 pieces to make a full body wedge that tilts your entire body, not just the upper area. I do agree that a full one could definitely work better, but I’m finding great results with just the one piece!

Yep that's me! hehe feeling silly

The whole idea of a bed wedge, is to help the blood volume by not leaving the body flat straight, but rather by putting it on a tilt.. hence the bed wedge. There hasn’t been a lot of studies done on whether this works, but amazing results have come from the ones that have been. They tested people of different age groups, sex, and POTS severity. It showed that most of the people who slept on a bed wedge had a huge help with their orthostatic tolerance! That sold me right there, since that is one of mine, and many others with POTS biggest problem, and leads to a lot worse symptoms.

I bought myself a large size. The small; in my opinion, would be alright for tiny, young children, but the large I believe is the best bet. It’s big enough to have a little bit of moving space on either side so you don’t roll off it in the night, and small enough still, to allow normal amount of bed space for your partner to lay in bed beside you. I think the extra large would be fine too, but obviously not if you’re sleeping with someone else each night.

With an old old OLD pillow lol JUST right for me!

I got mine from the company Medigas, which have stores in every city pretty much. They have a website where you can look for the city closest to you. I paid exactly $54, and believe that if it keeps making me feel like it is now, maybe better as time goes on, that it is 100% worth it. It is made with a firm foam… nothing like concrete! Of course it’s firm so it doesn’t hurt your back in the morning, and you by no means need a fancy pillow. My pillow is probably older than I am that I took with me when I moved out on my own, and it’s perfectly comfy! It also comes from a pillow sham shaped for it, that you can remove and wash.

I went online at first to see the price range, and most places I look were anywhere from $34-$100 for a small! Not including any shipping and handling. I would say the $54 is definitely doable compared to the others.

How has it worked for me?

Lets just say when I woke up before having the bed wedge, I would shake so badly, that if someone was in bed with me, I’d wake them up! I’d feel really weak and drained, and some days found it impossible to get moving in the day. Now that I have the bed wedge, I can get out of bed without any problems, or any slow moving, and hop right into my day. I’ve been able to stand and do dishes, work out a little (check out the work out page for which ones I am doing) and can take a bath, cook… where as before, I’d be lucky to have one meal in a day and that would be my limit for what I could do! As well, it helps with heart burn and indigestion, and with anyone else with Crohn’s Disease, or digesting issues… it’s a saver for that too! My back even feels less strained! Which is something I have horrible problems with, and a lot of pain!

I give bed wedges two big thumbs up!