Great Workouts For Potsies!

* Always check with a doctor first before starting any workout routine!*

Basic Crunch

If you're having neck strain, put finger tips on the back of your neck, but keep your elbos out! You want to be lifting with your tummy, not your neck and back!

Great stretch! Don't strain your neck! Try to keep body aligned and stretch from your finger tips to your toes and lift

Yoga Pose #1 Great stretch for the back. Lift up onto your tippy toes and try to keep the tummy up as much as possible

Yoga Pose #2 Slip in from previous pose to this one, to give your legs a good stretching too

Roll into this 3rd Yoga Pose for a little rest. Lift and curl with the stomach

Curl your legs under, let your head hang down, and stretch out your arms and fingers with this 5th Yoga Pose for a nice finish to the workout