Heart Rate Monitor Watches

One of the best things I could recommend to anyone with POTS, is to get a heart rate monitor watch.  There are so many different ones to choose from.  A lot of the pricey ones aren’t needed.  They have a lot of the things someone training for a sport might use.

My heart rate monitor watch by Sportline

There are the ones with the chest strap, but you can find just as cheap ones without the strap.  I paid about $50 for mine, and all I have to do to check my heart rate, is to hold down the button on the front facing of the watch, and your heart rate appears.

These watches are great for keeping track of what your heart rate does on a regular basis, so you know when you need to sit down and rest, and also to bring to your doctor, so you know your average resting heart rate, and standing.  It’s not always the same as in the hospital.

My heart rate monitor watch is one of the great things that has helped me learn more about my POTS since everyone is different.  I can take it anywhere as well, and when I’m checking my heart rate, no one around me knows any different.


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