My Personal Diet

This is what I, and my dietitian decided to do, based off many different things, that won’t all apply to you since everyone’s situation is different.

I had to take in account Crohn’s Disease… where I am luckier than a lot, and as long as I’ve had time since a relapse, can eat whole grains, etc.  There are certain things not on here, like red meat or fresh fish, since those are things I personally cannot eat.

I also had to take in account my need for sodium because of POTS, and my need for low sugar a bad carbs because I am pre diabetic.

Basically I follow the guide lines for normal healthy eating.  On my plate, my protein is the 1/4 of the plate (or a fist size), another 1/4 for my whole grains… so basically a portion of each, and a half a plate (but can be as much as I want) of veggies.

I eat every 2-3 hours.  Easier for my Crohn’s that way, and for keeping my sugar levels even.  I choose fruity things usually as my snacks, so I have as examples, an apple, 14 grapes, a yogurt cup, 4 whole grain crackers with light cream cheese spread, etc.

I do not drink juice.  It’s full of sugar, and it’s hard on my digestion.

If I have pasta, make it a portion size of spaghetti (1-2 cups) and the rest of the plate be full of veggies and a salad.

No high caffeinated beverages.  I can have my usual coffee after breakfast and dinner, but no cappuccinos, and only diet pop to help with my nausea (gingerale).

I can eat bad foods, like cookies, cake, take out, etc. but NOT on the regular like I used to.  Only as they are meant to be eaten… as a treat!

When I eat out, even if it’s healthy, I take half the amount they give me, and bring it home with me, to have either 2 hours later, or towards my next meal.  That will not allow my stomach to stretch bigger and need more to be filled, also it will allow my body to actually have a normal time of digesting the food.

All empty carbs like white pasta and bread that I used to eat, I now eat as whole grains, so that way, when I do eat carbs, they are the proper kinds to give me energy not empty carbs stored with no nutrient value behind them.

I have a lot of problems with being so deconditioned from POTS, that I have yet to be able to properly exercise, and I knew that I was eating the wrong foods… in huge portions.  Now that I eat every couple hours in way smaller amounts, I don’t feel hungry, my Crohn’s is a lot happier, and my sugar crashes aren’t a constant, because I am consistently giving my body proper healthy fuel to keep me going.



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