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I was honestly just in the mood to play with Mystical Shaman Oracle deck, and got the following as my North card:

So in keeping with todays blah boring day with no passion, I thought I’d do this one on here, since so many of you are on my blog anyway.

So here are 10 people likely to see this, to whome I am grateful for:

1. Steph – you have no idea what your friendship means to me. You are a one of a kind soul

2. Dani – no words needed. You’re my family, and soul sistah

3. Lisa – weirdest way to make such an amazing, loyal and hilarious friend. You just accept my weirdness bc youre weird too lol.

4. Derek – my closest friend on peri… you are beyond weird in all the best ways. So glad ive met you

5. Trudie – my fav person to talk to when waking up and having coffee and giggle fits with

6. James – thank you for being a friends whos been there for me when im not my usual silly self. Wish you could see yourself the way we all do!

7.Allen – butterfly… you are a caring soul, with a great heart. Thank you for wanting to know the real me.

8. Julie aka Loopy – frick and frack girl. Doesn’t matter how long we go in between talking, we will forever have a bond like nothing else

9. Anne – for having one of the most patient sweetest hearts I’ve ever seen. You’re a beautiful person.

10. Deanna – Im so glad i got to know you this past year. You appear all sweet and innocent, but so glad i know better! Great person, who always cracks me up.

Sadly im missing a lot of ppl i want to add like Lyndz, Janette, Kristina, Claude, Alicia, Scott, Omg the list would be never endong. Just know if I love ya, I will have your back always. You all are true family to me, and am always here if ya need me.


PS i missed so many others!



There’s a lot of people really unfulfilled this month. I dont either. Weird bc I am getting so many of my goals completed and working on new ones. All year, it seems like I’ve been pumped and driven to get things done, and I have been, but I feel like I’m just going through the motions. Nothing is giving me a feeling of passion anymore.

Going to the dr.s Thursday. Crazy out of breath when I stand, and heart fluttering. Maybe she will have some ideas. Excited for my oils to come in, so I can start my own recipes to try.

So for now I’m fighting against my will, to walk away from anything that’s not positive for me, and making me feel less than happy. Going to be prioritizing my time more, bc I’m spending too much of it for other people, and not enough for myself. I’m just crazy tired.


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Seems like the second i get my walls crumbled down, and i stop focusing on them, they build right back up. So here i am writing!

Been focusing on learning my tarot decks. I have an amazing memory when im not sick, so im going to get this shit, if it takes me forever lol. Theyre all so different! Then i will work on my oracles.

Starting next week, my YouTube will be starting w astrological element horoscopes weekly, and on my website starting in June, I will have a monthly horoscope for each sign individually.



I was able to get my crohns infusion, Remicade this morning. The steroids cause me a lot of back and joint pain, the Benadryl makes me a walking zombie when given through I.V. and the Remicade renders me sicker than a dog for 3-7 days roughly. After that I will be feeling better than i was hopefully. My nurse even offered to get me in a week earlier next time to get it that much quicker.

Hard to explain, but when you’re sick you get sad… obviously, just look at the man cold lol. It’s not okay, to be okay w being sick. Especially chronically. They did a bunch of studies on actual depression w crohns disease, and found when relapsing. It actually can make your depression relapse. If you’re stressed enough though, that can make your crohns relapse though too! Lol.

It is imperative that i stay stress free, bc not only will i be in horrids amount of pain and throwing up, or going on a Tylenol 3 binge from gallbladder and crohns attacks that feel the same as contractions that make you throw up non stop, but then I have chronic fatigue that will make me rest and crash for a whole day.

People do not get, that stress and diet are sooo important. I would love to have enough money to eat all month…to be able to have fresh food that’s healthy all month would be a dream!

I have two illnesses that i deal w primarily. My own family can’t tell me what POTS stands for, or even means, and I write a blog with all the information about it above! Why do people not give a shit?! They claim to be loyal, etc. But they don’t even care that going to get a glass of water, results in me walking 15 ft, to drop to the ground to catch my breath, but the drs say I’m getting better? I think I’d have to drop dead before they’d pay any attention.

Im a huge advocate for puttig your needs first, unless you have children. I truly believe people need to take care of themselves, to be a good friend, spouse, family member for their loved ones, but ppl are so fucking selfish, they only think of their wants… not needs ppl, but wants, that the ones that truly run themselves ragged for others, get stomped on and used, and seen as an easy offering, bc ppl just dont give a shit anymore!

Maybe im old fashioned, but when someone i know, not even a close friend, is down and sad, or sick, i want them to know they aren’t alone. I don’t push them away bc im too wrapped up in my own shit to see their pain. So if you’re my friend reading this, bc my family doesnt give a shit to read this blog and see how I’m doing, and you’re going through a hard time, no matter how big or small, i am here to be a friend. Just say the word. But if you are some dumb fuck who thinks of only your own needs, and plays the victim card, get the fuck out of my way, bc i dont need your bullshit.

On that note.. hope all the great mothers out there had a wonderful day Sunday, and happy belated nurses week! Nurses are the back bone to our care and well being, and a great nurse has love and passion for their job. So be thankful for the many amazing ones out there!


PS Sorry for the typos, but writing on tablet, and not laptop.

Neuro What?

I really like this Gaia deck, that Danielle got me.  I’ve been feeling down yesterday and today.  I know it’s from feeling sick, but I don’t need that bullshit!  I know things could damn well be better for me, but I’m actually really happy considering.  Extremely so… but then these bad days hit with my health and my whole outlook seems like the complete opposite to my true self.


What’s the real issue for me right now, on a spiritual level?

The Sage – 

Advice both given and received.  Knowing when to offer it, and when to heed it.  Traditions and habits give constancy and a foundation, but can also build walls, that we hide ourselves behind.  Traditions ingrained in us, so deep, that we do it without being conscious of it.  Also a benefit of bringing family closer together.

Don’t repeat the same patterns bc it is expected of you.  Start new traditions with loved ones.  Give advice without being critical, and take what people say, without getting overly critical.  They may see things we fail to see bc they love us and want us to be happy.

Consider what others say, and use it if positive, to help enhance life and be wiser and more self aware.  Inspire a change that benefits you.  Do away with the parts that hold you back.

How can I best heal in my day to day life?

Healing – In need of healing. Time to have a health check and resolve any past issues.  Take the time to look within and heal any emotional pain as well.  Stop acting like you have no feelings towards the situations around you.  Short term pain to get things resolved, is better than holding onto it longer than need be.

What will the gift or outcome of this be?

Perception –

Organisation, identification, and interpretation of sensory information, in order to understand what we experience.  This comes as an opportunity to look at how you analyze your life and how these influence your choices and abilities to see things around you.

Time to alter your perception to change your perspective.  A need to determine if you are creating your reality, or if you are allowing others to shape it for you. Question everything and be willing to embrace awareness that might benefit or be an illusion.  Be open minded when you are challenged.  Especially if you’re working from a personal viewpoint.

What is the biggest obstacle or opportunity for me to get to the best outcome?

Two of Earth – 

Importance of balancing work, family, home and play.  Remaining flexible and adaptable at meeting ones commitments and responsibilities. Nurture your future hopes and dreams.  Be willing to do the work to manifest them.  Be confident and trust both in yourself and your abilities.  Be open as well to compromise and being adaptable.

Self belief is the key to maintaining a healthy equilibrium.  If you believe you can achieve you will, otherwise you won’t.  Be respectful of your emotional, mental and physical needs.  Forgive your limitations.  Ask for help if you need to.  If not, will experience failure, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and overburdened and overwhelmed.  Time to prioritize.

What special guidance is there to help me to resolve this in the best way now?

Four of Fire –

Deals w a focused mind, emotions, and deliberate action, that helps propel momentum.  Discipline, action, that improves skill and ability, making you more confident and manifest goals faster.

Appears in reading to show importance of dedication, discipline, focus and practice.  Devoting our attention. A little adjustment to ge things heading in the right direction.  Be vigilant.


Interesting, bc this all fits.  I think I have a pretty good idea on how to work on all of these.  Mornings!



Crafting Nifty

20180501_092150796207634.jpgHeyas.  Working on going through and getting rid of a bunch of stuff.  A lot of it is craft stuff and I’m sick of having it laying around, so Im getting the shit made and sold already.  I haaate having extra shit laying around that I don’t use.

Just finished 3 wreaths, but one needs a bow, and onto cross stitching now.  I want to make these custom candle holders w my clay, but I can’t find it anywhere.  So I’m going to try making homemade playdoh and craft the shit out of that.  Then I can start putting my fun crafts to good use and have some fun.

img_20180429_201241702669906.jpgDecided to start my Youtube page next month, since I gave myself only a couple days to do too much work in that short amount of time.  So June it is!  Going to be starting my classes for helping open intuition and psychic gifts.  If you’re interested, message me on Twitter @ashpauls  .  Will be starting at $10 US a month.  I’ll be doing private video classes 2-4 times monthly, and you can pick and choose which you want to watch.

airbrush_20180501164108811215859.jpgYou can join in the class, or watch later if you want, and dm me any questions.  I’ll also be offering a free read monthly to any members who join.  My Periscope broadcasts are glitchy right now, and still waiting for them to get on it.  If they do, I will create a private group for members only.  If not done soon enough, I’ll just do it on Youtube and send all of you then links, or use another app altogether.

Alright, break over.  Back to the bat cave. Laters!


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Spread from new oracle for Beltane:

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes

Sorry, but can’t get damn song out of my head.


Left to right – Family, Health, Relationships, Career.

Just had a wonderful intuitive reading done by my love @forever4th who can be found on Periscope and Twitter to get your own.  I truly recommend a reading by her,  She was able to contact my dad’s mom, Ada.  She passed away before I was born, and my grandma Mary, whom I adored was already in the family.  I am glad I had her, but always wanted to know my grams.

Normally during a full moon I get all girly and stupid, but I’m happy.  That or it does nothing to me at all.  Like this retrograde, most people spazzed, where I was fine.  This time, I’m feel anxiety like crazy.  I am doing my thing, but holy hell my body will not calm the fuck down!


Runes – a quick way to learn – message @malevolentohio on Twitter to buy.

Been working on getting my reiki and readings up.  Going for the next convention here, and starting my youtube channel up. The idea will be element readings once a week on there, and a astrological spread once a month on my website to get more people there.  My link to videos on youtube is:


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Take Care and Happy Beltane!  For the history of: