Sleep Clinic Study

As I say in the beginning of most of my health posts… every place does things a little bit differently depending on where you live, and situation you are in.  If your experience has been different, I always love to know!

I was brought in for 9:30pm.  The Sleep Clinic I went to, just so happens to be next door to my General Practitioner!  A lady met me at the door, and brought me to this little room with a bed, a little side table, and two chairs.  No windows, a camera and a microphone.

I was to bring pajamas, a drink, snack, my medicine, my pillow or blanket if I wanted, to make it easier to sleep.  I came in my pajamas, and had a book in my purse with my health card.  They had water to drink, and magazines to read as well.

I brought a book with me, and thankfully I did, because when the place is full of people, which it generally is, you are going to be waiting quite a bit at times.  I was shown where the washroom was and given a questionnaire.  It was three pages long, asking about my sleep history, why I wanted to come to the sleep clinic, my physical health history, medications I am on, etc.

The woman came into the room with a cart, and stuck little tiny electrodes with glue, all throughout my hair.  I honestly didn’t feel them because they were so light weight.  She also tapes electrodes to the sides of my face, insides of my legs, all under my chin, under my eyes, and behind my ears.  Attached to these electrodes was a box about 5’7 in size.  It hung like a necklace around my neck until I went to bed.

When it came time to go to sleep, the woman came in again, and added a plastic sensor to sit just in front of my nostrils to set off an alert noise if I stopped breathing in my sleep.  This, I thought may bother me, but surprisingly I barely noticed it.  She took the box everything was attached to, and hooked it up to what looking like a giant outlet on the wall beside my bed.  I had two little belts strapped one around my chest, and one around the middle of my ribs.

She then went into another room and spoke to me through the speaker as asked me to take a deep breath, stretch my legs, hold my breath and move my stomach muscles, and open and close my eyes, etc.  to make sure everything was being captured properly.  Then she came in the room, helped me get settled the way I wanted to sleep and shut the light out and closed the door.

She would come in periodically if I had moved enough to loosen one of the straps around me and she’d lightly fix it trying not to wake me up.  I moved a LOT in the night because I was restless so I saw her quite often lol.  I found it a little hard to fall asleep even though the conditions were perfect.  It was nice and cold.. almost too cold sometimes, and had a nice comfy bed to sleep in.

I personally didn’t have to, but if I needed to get up to go to the washroom, all I would’ve had to say was, “I need up.”  And they would hear you and come in the help you get unplugged long enough to get up.

In the morning I woke up right before they started to wake everyone around 5:30am.  I just sat up in my bed, and the lady who was checking on me noticed, and came in to see if I was ready to go.  She unhooked all the electrodes from me very gently so my hair wasn’t pulled and it didn’t hurt.  When she was done, I had to write on the questionnaire on the last page, how I slept, if it was a typical nights sleep for me, etc.  And then I was able to go to the washroom, wash the left over stickiness from the tape off my face, and go home!

When I got home I noticed glue all through my hair, and it didn’t feel nice either lol.  I got the tub water running as hot as I could stand it, and my shampoo which is really lathery (I was told to use dish soap as well if the shampoo didn’t work easily) and slowly massaged the shampoo through until the stickiness was gone.  Once my hair was dry I noticed a few pieces of glue still stuck to my scalp, but that’s expected when your hair is as thick as mine is.

Most people find out in about two weeks the results of the sleep study and you and your family doctor can go from there.


2 thoughts on “Sleep Clinic Study

  1. Great description of the process.

    My results showed that I have sleep apnea, even though I snore infrequently.

    I was only able to sleep for about 2 hours, so they were not able to complete the split night protocol during my first sleep study. I was asked to come back a second time to sleep the entire night with a CPAP mask on–for a total of 4 hours the second time.

    I had an allergic reaction to the tape and sticky stuff they used to attach the electrodes, a contributing factor to my inability to sleep in the lab. So the second time, they didn’t completely wire me up to spare me the itching.

    Thanks for such an informative post.


    • my mom just got diagnosed with sleep apnea and is going in tomorrow night for her 2nd time to get hooked up with a cpap machine. she stopped breathing about 50 times in the night!

      She was told sleep apnea contributes to stress, depression, weakness, heart palpitations, dental problems, etc. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been through this. When she was first diagnosed, I actually mentioned how I read you blog, and you go through the same thing, and told her about the machines, and caring for them, etc. so thank you!


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