The Family (Pets)

I have four main loves in my home that I love madly!  You will see them non stop in my blog!

943590_10152882374095594_1251246520_nZeus – My soul kitty.  I had taken his brother in when he was a kitten, and my cousin had taken Zeus.  We lived together, and Zeus adopted me from his first night home.  When I moved home Zeus ended up coming with me and couldn’t bear to separate him from his brother.  He is cranky and mouthy and isn’t afraid to squint his one eye to let me know he’s unimpressed and jealous by people sometimes even!  He hates children and will hide if one comes in the house, attacks cats, and is terrified of dogs… but I am his love.  He chooses me over breakfast every morning, and loves long cuddles and belly rubs.  Sundays are our special brushing time and he gets spoiled dearly.  He even gives me crap when my blood pressure is low!

stella 001Stella – My first guinea pig out of the two.  She’s tiny and gentle and sweet.  Loves to fall asleep on me and hoot and squeal from her cage when she’s playing.  She’s great with my nephew, and just likes to be held close.. preferably in your hair.  She is still very much a pup cavie and loves to nap!

stellaroxy 008Roxy – Older by a few months than Stella, and three times the size, this anxious little munchkin climbed into my arms, and straight to my heart.  A pet who wasn’t getting enough attention, and no friend with her, came to me with a lot of stress.  She’s still new, but progressing beautifully, but is NOT afraid to tell you when she’s mad!  Also not afraid to sing songs in your ear and hop for her adopted sister when she hears her calling happily back.  Loved to be held to my chest and rocked gently, with nice ear scratches and brushes from their tooth brush.  She is definitely getting used to having a sibling and an owner that likes to spoil her every chance I get.



reese 055

Reese is a little angel, given to me by the parents of a girl with POTS I know.  She was allergic to Reese, and her sister had been taking care of her until they could rehome her.  I was thinking of getting a Skinny Pig, but decided who best to taken in, but Reese?  She is SO much like the Guinea Pig Rodney I had growing up.  She is hilarious and heart warming.. plus loves to give me mini layers through my hair!  So sweet 🙂



100_0002100_0024fishee 007

Why don't I fit?

Why don’t I fit?

stee 003ashIMG_0827






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